cover 2011 Western NC Annual Conference Journal
The entire Journal is 544 pages. It has been broken into sections and converted to PDFs for easier viewing and downloading.
  Covers - 4 pages
Front and back, outside and inside covers. Inside covers include conference staff and agency contact information
  Journal Pages 1-350 - 6.54MB (everything except the cover [see above] and statistics,
which are posted separately. See below. Thank you.)
  Table of Contents - 4 pages | Index - 2 pages
  Photos - 6 pages
Bishop Goodpaster, 2011 Annual Conference Speakers, Provisional Members, An Associate, Elders, Deacons, Retirees, Missional Leadership Team
  Conference Officers - 3 pages
General officers, staff, district superintendents
  Conference Organization - 20 pages
Commissions, committees, boards, institutions and agencies.
  Directory - 83 pages
  Daily Proceedings of the Annual Conference - 21 pages
Includes photos of Delegates elected to the 2012 General and Jurisdictional Conferences
  Business of the Annual Conference - 32 pages
  Appointments - 23 pages
  Plan of Organization and Rules of Order and Procedure - 9 pages
  Reports - 77 pages
  Petitions to the Annual Conference - 8 pages
  Historical Information - 46 pages
  2010 Compensation of Clergy in Appointments to Extension MInistries
or Beyond the Local Church
- 1 page
  Report of the Annual Audit 2010 - 15 pages
  Photo Collage - 1 page
Statistical Report for 2010
With 192 pages total, this file is huge, so it is presented below in sections, which are approximately
1-2MB each, for faster opening and downloading.
  Condensed Report   Recap    
  Albemarle   High Point   North Wilkesboro
  Asheville   Lake Norman   Salisbury
  Charlotte   Lexington   Statesville
  Gastonia   Marion   Waynesville
  Greensboro   Northeast   Winston-Salem