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All 141 churches in the Northern Piedmont District

  GCFA DCNo Name Charge Name
   300606 NP-005.1 Archdale (Archdale) Archdale (Archdale)
   966807 NP-010.1 Bass Chapel (Greensboro) Bass Chapel - Raleigh's Crossroads
   300765 NP-020.1 Bethany (Franklinville) Bethany (Franklinville)
   289644 NP-150.1 Bethany (Liberty) First (Liberty) - Bethany (Liberty)
   295053 NP-170.1 Bethany (Summerfield) Gethsemane - Bethany
   968145 NP-045.1 Bethel (Archdale) Bethel (Archdale) - Liberty Grove (Trinity)
   300481 NP-470.1 Bethel (Climax) Shiloh (Liberty) - Bethel (Climax)
   294630 NP-035.1 Bethel (Oak Ridge) Bethel (Oak Ridge)
   294606 NP-050.1 Bethlehem (Climax) Bethlehem (Climax)
   294812 NP-057.1 Bethlehem (Reidsville) Bethlehem (Reidsville) - Wentworth
   295155 NP-060.1 Brown Summit (Brown Summit) Brown Summit - Friendship (Brown Summit)
   289520 NP-067.1 Burnett's Chapel (Greensboro) Burnett's Chapel (Greensboro)
   967094 NP-160.1 Camp Springs (Reidsville) Garrett's Grove-Camp Springs
   294801 NP-262.1 Carraway (Greensboro) Lee's Chapel - Carraway (Greensboro)
   966886 NP-380.1 Celia Phelps (Greensboro) Mount Tabor (Greensboro) - Celia Phelps
   294823 NP-075.1 Centenary (Greensboro) Centenary (Greensboro)
   296070 NP-080.1 Centenary (Stoneville) Centenary (Stoneville) - Hodgin Memorial
   296002 NP-085.1 Center (Greensboro) Center (Greensboro)
   967254 NP-315.1 Chapel Hill (Reidsville) Midway - Chapel Hill
   294834 NP-090.1 Christ (Greensboro) Christ (Greensboro) - St. Timothy's (Jamestown) - Immanuel Mission
   295304 NP-095.1 Christ (High Point) Christ (High Point)
   294845 NP-100.1 College Place (Greensboro) College Place (Greensboro)
   967037 NP-105.1 Collins Grove (Greensboro) Collins Grove (Greensboro)
   295315 NP-110.1 Covenant (High Point) Covenant (High Point)
   296013 NP-113.1 Eden (Madison) Eden-Mount Tabor
   301064 NP-120.1 Fairfield (High Point) Fairfield (High Point)
   295018 NP-115.1 Fairgrove (Reidsville) Fairgrove (Reidsville)
   301097 NP-124.1 Fairview (Trinity) Fairview (Trinity) - Welch Memorial (High Point)
   295634 NP-125.1 Faithwalk (Gibsonville) Faithwalk (Gibsonville)
   967015 NP-515.1 Ferree's Chapel (Randleman) St. Peter's - Ferrees
   294628 NP-130.1 First (Eden) First (Eden) - Spray (Eden)
   295224 NP-135.1 First (High Point) First (High Point)
   301326 NP-150.2 First (Liberty) First (Liberty) - Bethany (Liberty)
   301680 NP-140.1 First (Randleman) First (Randleman)
   294641 NP-155.1 Flat Rock (Stokesdale) Flat Rock (Stokesdale) - Rankin Memorial (High Point)
   295020 NP-060.2 Friendship (Brown Summit) Brown Summit - Friendship (Brown Summit)
   967106 NP-160.2 Garretts Grove (Gibsonville) Garrett's Grove-Camp Springs
   294685 NP-170.2 Gethsemane (Greensboro) Gethsemane - Bethany
   294708 NP-175.1 Gibsonville (Gibsonville) Gibsonville (Gibsonville)
   294652 NP-180.1 Gideon Grove (Stokesdale) Gideon Grove - Palestine
   294721 NP-185.1 Glencoe (Summerfield) Glencoe (Summerfield)
   294880 NP-190.1 Grace (Greensboro) Grace (Greensboro)
   295097 NP-165.1 Greensboro Korean (Greensboro) Greensboro Korean (Greensboro)
   294903 NP-195.1 Groometown (Greensboro) Groometown - St. Andrews
   295122 NP-200.1 Guilford College (Greensboro) Guilford College (Greensboro)
   968362 NP-517.1 Hayes Chapel (Madison) St. Stephen's - Hayes Chapel (Madison)
   295188 NP-205.1 Hickory Grove (Greensboro) Hickory Grove (Greensboro)
   295166 NP-210.1 Hickory Grove (Pelham) Hickory Grove-Ruffin
   295246 NP-222.1 Highland (High Point) Highland - Spring Hill
   294925 NP-225.1 Hinshaw (Greensboro) Hinshaw (Greensboro)
   295986 NP-080.2 Hodgin Memorial (Stoneville) Centenary (Stoneville) - Hodgin Memorial
   967128 NP-340.1 Holmes Grove (Greensboro) Moriah - Holmes Grove
   301224 NP-235.1 Hopewell (Trinity) Hopewell (Trinity)
   289052 NP-090.2 Immanuel Mission (Greensboro) Christ (Greensboro) - St. Timothy's (Jamestown) - Immanuel Mission
   295075 NP-240.1 Irving Park (Greensboro) Irving Park (Greensboro)
   967117 NP-480.1 Jackson (Brown Summit) St. James-Jackson
   295441 NP-245.1 Jamestown (Jamestown) Jamestown (Jamestown)
   295463 NP-247.1 Julian (Julian) Julian (Julian)
   967232 NP-250.1 Laughlin Memorial (Greensboro) Laughlin Memorial-Newlyn Street
   295485 NP-255.1 Leaksville (Eden) Leaksville (Eden)
   295268 NP-260.1 Lebanon (High Point) Lebanon (High Point)
   295508 NP-262.2 Lee's Chapel (Greensboro) Lee's Chapel - Carraway (Greensboro)
   301714 NP-353.1 Level Cross (Randleman) Mount Lebanon (Randleman) - Level Cross
   968351 NP-045.2 Liberty Grove (Trinity) Bethel (Archdale) - Liberty Grove (Trinity)
   294856 NP-275.1 Lowe's (Reidsville) Lowes - Mizpah
   295521 NP-280.1 Madison (Madison) Madison (Madison)
   295827 NP-285.1 Main Street (Reidsville) Main Street (Reidsville)
   296068 NP-292.1 Matthews Chapel (Stoneville) Matthews Chapel (Stoneville)
   295543 NP-296.1 Mayodan (Mayodan) Mayodan (Mayodan)
   295565 NP-300.1 Meadow View (Eden) Meadow View (Eden)
   968123 NP-305.1 Memorial (High Point) Memorial (High Point)
   967174 NP-310.1 Metropolitan (Greensboro) Metropolitan (Greensboro)
   294732 NP-315.2 Midway (Reidsville) Midway - Chapel Hill
   295587 NP-320.1 Mitchell's Grove (High Point) Mitchell's Grove (High Point)
   295031 NP-275.2 Mizpah (Reidsville) Lowes - Mizpah
   295714 NP-335.1 Morehead (Greensboro) Morehead (Greensboro)
   295601 NP-340.2 Moriah (Greensboro) Moriah - Holmes Grove
   295612 NP-345.1 Mount Carmel (Reidsville) Mount Carmel (Reidsville)
   295851 NP-347.1 Mount Carmel (Stokesdale) Mount Carmel (Stokesdale)
   289746 NP-348.1 Mount Gilead (Sophia) Mount Gilead (Sophia)
   295623 NP-350.1 Mount Hermon (Madison) Mount Hermon (Madison)
   301508 NP-353.2 Mount Lebanon (Randleman) Mount Lebanon (Randleman) - Level Cross
   294947 NP-355.1 Mount Pisgah (Greensboro) Mount Pisgah (Greensboro)
   295645 NP-360.1 Mount Pleasant (Greensboro) Mount Pleasant (Greensboro)
   295760 NP-375.1 Mount Pleasant (Kimesville) Mount Pleasant (Kimesville)
   966864 NP-380.2 Mount Tabor (Greensboro) Mount Tabor (Greensboro) - Celia Phelps
   296035 NP-113.2 Mount Tabor (Madison) Eden-Mount Tabor
   301793 NP-385.1 Mount Vernon (Trinity) Mount Vernon (Trinity)
   295953 NP-390.1 Mount Zion (Stokesdale) Mount Zion (Stokesdale)
   294960 NP-395.1 Muir's Chapel (Greensboro) Muir's Chapel (Greensboro)
   966955 NP-400.1 New Goshen (Greensboro) New Goshen - Union Memorial (Greensboro)
   301736 NP-405.1 New Salem (Randleman) New Salem (Randleman)
   294982 NP-250.2 Newlyn Street (Greensboro) Laughlin Memorial-Newlyn Street
   296046 NP-466.1 Northwood (High Point) Sandy Ridge - Northwood
   295703 NP-410.1 Oak Ridge (Oak Ridge) Oak Ridge (Oak Ridge)
   301587 NP-422.1 Old Union (Sophia) Old Union (Sophia)
   294674 NP-180.2 Palestine (Stokesdale) Gideon Grove - Palestine
   295725 NP-435.1 Pelham (Pelham) Pelham (Pelham)
   295747 NP-440.1 Pleasant Garden (Pleasant Garden) Pleasant Garden (Pleasant Garden)
   301623 NP-450.1 Pleasant Hill (Thomasville) Prospect - Pleasant Hill
   295678 NP-445.1 Pleasant Union (Liberty) Pleasant Union (Liberty)
   301667 NP-450.2 Prospect (Archdale) Prospect - Pleasant Hill
   295007 NP-505.1 Proximity (Greensboro) St. Paul (Greensboro) - Proximity (Greensboro)
   967221 NP-010.2 Raleigh's Crossroads (Greensboro) Bass Chapel - Raleigh's Crossroads
   295348 NP-155.2 Rankin Memorial (High Point) Flat Rock (Stokesdale) - Rankin Memorial (High Point)
   295782 NP-460.1 Rehobeth (Greensboro) Rehobeth (Greensboro)
   295884 NP-210.2 Ruffin (Ruffin) Hickory Grove-Ruffin
   294878 NP-467.1 Salem (Reidsville) Salem - St. John
   300468 NP-466.2 Sandy Ridge (High Point) Sandy Ridge - Northwood
   301805 NP-470.2 Shiloh (Liberty) Shiloh (Liberty) - Bethel (Climax)
   295920 NP-130.2 Spray (Eden) First (Eden) - Spray (Eden)
   301884 NP-222.2 Spring Hill (High Point) Highland - Spring Hill
   294914 NP-195.2 St. Andrews (Greensboro) Groometown - St. Andrews
   966990 NP-480.2 St. James (Sedalia) St. James-Jackson
   966933 NP-467.2 St. John (Eden) Salem - St. John
   295086 NP-490.1 St. John's (Greensboro) St. John's (Greensboro)
   968247 NP-550.1 St. Mary's (Trinity) Trinity Memorial - St. Mary's (Trinity)
   966875 NP-500.1 St. Matthews (Greensboro) St. Matthews (Greensboro)
   295042 NP-505.2 St. Paul (Greensboro) St. Paul (Greensboro) - Proximity (Greensboro)
   967004 NP-510.1 St. Paul (Reidsville) St. Paul (Reidsville) - Wesley Chapel (Reidsville)
   967026 NP-515.2 St. Peter's (Randleman) St. Peter's - Ferrees
   968156 NP-517.2 St. Stephen's (Madison) St. Stephen's - Hayes Chapel (Madison)
   295337 NP-090.3 St. Timothy's (Jamestown) Christ (Greensboro) - St. Timothy's (Jamestown) - Immanuel Mission
   295942 NP-530.1 Stokesdale (Stokesdale) Stokesdale (Stokesdale)
   296057 NP-535.1 Summerfield Peace (Summerfield) Summerfield Peace (Summerfield)
   296024 NP-540.1 Tabernacle (Greensboro) Tabernacle (Greensboro)
   288148 NP-397.1 The Good Neighbor Movement The Good Neighbor Movement (Greensboro)
   295133 NP-547.1 Triad Native American (Greensboro) Triad Native American (Greensboro)
   302046 NP-550.2 Trinity Memorial (Trinity) Trinity Memorial - St. Mary's (Trinity)
   966897 NP-400.2 Union Memorial (Greensboro) New Goshen - Union Memorial (Greensboro)
   295111 NP-557.1 Vickrey (Greensboro) Vickrey (Greensboro)
   295383 NP-575.1 Ward Street Mission (High Point) Wesley Memorial - Ward Street Mission (High Point)
   295406 NP-124.2 Welch Memorial (High Point) Fairview (Trinity) - Welch Memorial (High Point)
   294891 NP-057.2 Wentworth (Wentworth) Bethlehem (Reidsville) - Wentworth
   967048 NP-510.2 Wesley Chapel (Reidsville) St. Paul (Reidsville) - Wesley Chapel (Reidsville)
   295428 NP-575.2 Wesley Memorial (High Point) Wesley Memorial - Ward Street Mission (High Point)
   295100 NP-585.1 West Market Street (Greensboro) West Market Street (Greensboro)
   289702 NP-587.1 White's Chapel (Liberty) White's Chapel (Liberty)
   295838 NP-590.1 Woodmont (Reidsville) Woodmont (Reidsville)
   301725 NP-595.1 Worthville (Randleman) Worthville (Randleman)
   967185 NP-430.1 Zion Hill (Colfax) Zion Hill (Colfax)

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