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Stokes County - Church List

Charge Name
   303234 YV-040.1 Bethel (King) Bethel (King)
   303110 YV-065.1 Bethesda (Pine Hall) Bethesda (Pine Hall)
   303928 YV-150.1 Chestnut Grove (King) Chestnut Grove (King)
   303850 YV-180.1 Danbury Community Chapel (Danbury) Danbury Community Chapel (Danbury)
   295816 YV-183.1 Delta (Sandy Ridge) Delta (Sandy Ridge)
   303371 YV-260.3 Forest Chapel (Walnut Cove) Forsyth - Stokes (Antioch, Bethlehem, Forest Chapel)
   304023 YV-421.2 Shiloh (Germanton) Mount Pleasant (Winston-Salem) - Shiloh (Germanton)
   304103 YV-465.2 Stokesburg (Walnut Cove) Palmyra (Germanton) - Stokesburg (Walnut Cove)
   303132 YV-465.1 Palmyra (Germanton) Palmyra (Germanton) - Stokesburg (Walnut Cove)
   303952 YV-495.1 Mount Zion (Pinnacle) Pinnacle - Mount Zion (Pinnacle)
   303883 YV-495.2 Pinnacle (Pinnacle) Pinnacle - Mount Zion (Pinnacle)
   295918 YV-560.1 Snow Hill (Danbury) Snow Hill (Danbury)
   303358 YV-570.1 Germanton (Walnut Cove) St. Mark (Winston-Salem) - Germanton (Walnut Cove)
   968588 YV-575.1 St. Mary's (Walnut Cove) St. Mary's (Walnut Cove)
   303256 YV-605.1 Trinity (King) Trinity (King)
   968384 YV-650.1 Withers Chapel (Belews Creek) Withers Chapel (Belews Creek)

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