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Randolph County - Church List

Charge Name
   300606 NP-005.1 Archdale (Archdale) Archdale (Archdale)
   300765 NP-020.1 Bethany (Franklinville) Bethany (Franklinville)
   968145 NP-045.1 Bethel (Archdale) Bethel (Archdale) - Liberty Grove (Trinity)
   968351 NP-045.2 Liberty Grove (Trinity) Bethel (Archdale) - Liberty Grove (Trinity)
   301097 NP-124.1 Fairview (Trinity) Fairview (Trinity) - Welch Memorial (High Point)
   301680 NP-140.1 First (Randleman) First (Randleman)
   289644 NP-150.1 Bethany (Liberty) First (Liberty) - Bethany (Liberty)
   301326 NP-150.2 First (Liberty) First (Liberty) - Bethany (Liberty)
   301224 NP-235.1 Hopewell (Trinity) Hopewell (Trinity)
   289746 NP-348.1 Mount Gilead (Sophia) Mount Gilead (Sophia)
   301714 NP-353.1 Level Cross (Randleman) Mount Lebanon (Randleman) - Level Cross
   301508 NP-353.2 Mount Lebanon (Randleman) Mount Lebanon (Randleman) - Level Cross
   301793 NP-385.1 Mount Vernon (Trinity) Mount Vernon (Trinity)
   301736 NP-405.1 New Salem (Randleman) New Salem (Randleman)
   301587 NP-422.1 Old Union (Sophia) Old Union (Sophia)
   301667 NP-450.2 Prospect (Archdale) Prospect - Pleasant Hill
   301623 NP-450.1 Pleasant Hill (Thomasville) Prospect - Pleasant Hill
   300481 NP-470.1 Bethel (Climax) Shiloh (Liberty) - Bethel (Climax)
   301805 NP-470.2 Shiloh (Liberty) Shiloh (Liberty) - Bethel (Climax)
   967026 NP-515.2 St. Peter's (Randleman) St. Peter's - Ferrees
   967015 NP-515.1 Ferree's Chapel (Randleman) St. Peter's - Ferrees
   302046 NP-550.2 Trinity Memorial (Trinity) Trinity Memorial - St. Mary's (Trinity)
   968247 NP-550.1 St. Mary's (Trinity) Trinity Memorial - St. Mary's (Trinity)
   289702 NP-587.1 White's Chapel (Liberty) White's Chapel (Liberty)
   301725 NP-595.1 Worthville (Randleman) Worthville (Randleman)
   301931 UW-005.1 Adonai Mission (Asheboro) Adonai Mission (Asheboro)
   966820 UW-015.1 Cox Chapel (Ramseur) Asheboro Circuit (Cox Chapel, Mitchell, St. Mark's)
   967072 UW-015.2 Mitchell (Asheboro) Asheboro Circuit (Cox Chapel, Mitchell, St. Mark's)
   968065 UW-015.3 St. Mark's (Asheboro) Asheboro Circuit (Cox Chapel, Mitchell, St. Mark's)
   300470 UW-052.1 Brower's Chapel (Asheboro) Brower's Chapel - New Hope (Asheboro)
   301840 UW-052.2 New Hope (Asheboro) Brower's Chapel - New Hope (Asheboro)
   300641 UW-065.1 Central (Asheboro) Central (Asheboro)
   300710 UW-085.1 Central Falls (Asheboro) Central Falls (Asheboro)
   300413 UW-100.1 Charlotte (Asheboro) Charlotte (Asheboro)
   289564 UW-130.1 Concord (Ramseur) Coleridge
   289586 UW-130.2 Maple Springs (Ramseur) Coleridge
   289600 UW-130.3 Mount Olivet (Seagrove) Coleridge
   967141 UW-155.1 Piney Ridge (Seagrove) Empire Circuit
   967152 UW-155.2 Pleasant Hill (Seagrove) Empire Circuit
   967163 UW-155.3 Stout's Chapel (Ramseur) Empire Circuit
   301122 UW-160.1 Farmer (Denton) Farmer (Farmer, New Hope, Oak Grove)
   300754 UW-160.3 Oak Grove (Asheboro) Farmer (Farmer, New Hope, Oak Grove)
   300652 UW-160.2 New Hope (Denton) Farmer (Farmer, New Hope, Oak Grove)
   300663 UW-165.1 First (Asheboro) First (Asheboro)
   301873 UW-200.1 Flag Springs (Asheboro) Flag Springs (Asheboro)
   289622 UW-210.2 Rehobeth (Ramseur) Franklinville - Rehobeth (Ramseur)
   301166 UW-210.1 Franklinville (Franklinville) Franklinville - Rehobeth (Ramseur)
   300721 UW-225.2 Cedar Falls (Asheboro) Giles Chapel - Cedar Falls (Asheboro)
   300696 UW-225.1 Giles Chapel (Asheboro) Giles Chapel - Cedar Falls (Asheboro)
   301188 UW-240.1 Grays Chapel (Franklinville) Grays Chapel (Franklinville)
   301851 UW-260.1 Jordan Memorial (Ramseur) Jordan Memorial (Ramseur)
   967061 UW-310.1 McCrary Chapel (Ramseur) McCrary Chapel (Ramseur)
   300787 UW-332.1 Mount Shepherd (Asheboro) Mount Shepherd (Asheboro)
   289804 UW-355.2 Pleasant Hill (Seagrove) Mount Zion (Bennett) - Pleasant Hill (Seagrove)
   289781 UW-355.1 Mount Zion (Bennett) Mount Zion (Bennett) - Pleasant Hill (Seagrove)
   300355 UW-385.1 New Union (Asheboro) New Union (Asheboro)
   301678 UW-397.1 Piney Grove (Denton) Piney Grove - Pleasant Grove
   301177 UW-397.2 Pleasant Grove (Trinity) Piney Grove - Pleasant Grove
   301760 UW-400.2 Seagrove (Seagrove) Pisgah (Asheboro) - Seagrove
   301838 UW-400.1 Pisgah (Asheboro) Pisgah (Asheboro) - Seagrove
   968098 UW-460.1 St. Luke (Asheboro) St. Luke (Asheboro)
   301953 UW-472.1 Tabernacle (Trinity) Tabernacle (Trinity) - West Chapel (Asheboro)
   300743 UW-472.2 West Chapel (Asheboro) Tabernacle (Trinity) - West Chapel (Asheboro)
   300685 UW-520.1 West Bend (Asheboro) West Bend (Asheboro)
   301656 YV-403.1 Mount Zion (Trinity) Mount Zion (Trinity)

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