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Catawba County - Church List

Charge Name
   300025 CV-005.1 Abernethy Memorial (Newton) Abernethy Memorial (Newton)
   299767 CV-055.1 Bethel (Hickory) Bethel (Hickory) - St. John's
   299073 CV-055.2 St. John's (Hickory) Bethel (Hickory) - St. John's
   299528 CV-065.1 Bethlehem (Claremont) Bethlehem (Claremont)
   967653 CV-105.1 Brown's Chapel (Catawba) Brown's Chapel (Catawba)
   299483 CV-120.1 Catawba (Catawba) Catawba (Catawba)
   299461 CV-125.1 Center (Catawba) Center (Catawba)
   299778 CV-145.1 Christ (Hickory) Christ (Hickory)
   299563 CV-155.1 Concord (Catawba) Concord (Catawba)
   300173 CV-205.1 Ebenezer (Vale) Ebenezer (Vale)
   299585 CV-245.1 First (Conover) First (Conover)
   299780 CV-260.1 First (Hickory) First (Hickory)
   299916 CV-275.1 First (Maiden) First (Maiden)
   300047 CV-290.1 First (Newton) First (Newton)
   299472 CV-310.1 Friendship (Newton) Friendship (Newton)
   967744 CV-330.1 Hartzell Memorial (Hickory) Hartzell Memorial - McQueen's Chapel
   967961 CV-330.2 McQueen's Chapel (Conover) Hartzell Memorial - McQueen's Chapel
   299803 CV-340.1 Highland (Hickory) Highland (Hickory)
   299847 CV-360.1 Hopewell (Sherrills Ford) Hopewell (Sherrills Ford)
   967664 CV-388.2 Mott's Grove (Sherrills Ford) Lake Norman Network of Churches
   299951 CV-397.2 St. Paul's (Catawba) Lebanon - St. Paul's (Catawba)
   299938 CV-410.1 May's Chapel (Maiden) May's Chapel (Maiden)
   967675 CV-433.2 Providence (Catawba) Mount Beulah - Providence
   967700 CV-433.1 Mount Beulah (Sherrills) Mount Beulah - Providence
   300297 CV-435.1 Mount Pleasant (Sherrills Ford) Mount Pleasant (Sherrills Ford)
   299404 CV-440.1 Mountain View (Claremont) Mountain View (Claremont)
   299415 CV-500.1 Pisgah (Catawba) Pisgah (Catawba)
   300195 CV-510.1 Plateau (Vale) Plateau-Wesley Chapel
   300218 CV-510.2 Wesley Chapel (Newton) Plateau-Wesley Chapel
   300311 CV-520.1 Rehobeth (Terrell) Rehobeth (Terrell)
   300162 CV-550.1 Shiloh (Claremont) Shiloh (Claremont)
   299814 CV-565.1 St. Luke's (Hickory) St. Luke's (Hickory)
   967824 CV-580.1 St. Paul (Newton) St. Paul (Newton)
   299825 CV-615.1 Westview (Hickory) Westview (Hickory)

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