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Buncombe County - Church List

Charge Name
   290222 BR-010.1 Abernethy (Asheville) Abernethy (Asheville)
   290200 BR-020.1 Acton (Asheville) Acton (Asheville)
   291352 BR-050.1 Alexander Chapel (Asheville) Alexander Chapel (Asheville)
   290244 BR-060.1 Asbury Memorial (Asheville) Asbury Memorial (Asheville)
   290461 BR-070.1 Avery's Creek (Arden) Avery's Creek (Arden)
   291328 BR-100.1 Barnardsville (Barnardsville) Barnardsville (Barnardsville, Pleasant Gap)
   290858 BR-120.1 Bethany (Fairview) Bethany (Fairview)
   290563 BR-140.1 Bethel (Asheville) Bethel (Asheville)
   290585 BR-145.1 Bethesda (Asheville) Bethesda (Asheville)
   291170 BR-160.1 Big Sandy (Leicester) Big Sandy - Western Chapel
   291272 BR-160.2 Western Chapel (Leicester) Big Sandy - Western Chapel
   290266 BR-170.1 Biltmore (Asheville) Biltmore (Asheville)
   290608 BR-180.1 Black Mountain (Black Mountain) Black Mountain (Black Mountain)
   290665 BR-195.1 Brown's View (Candler) Brown's View (Candler)
   290288 BR-240.1 Central (Asheville) Central (Asheville)
   291306 BR-250.1 Christ (Weaverville) Christ (Weaverville)
   291363 BR-260.1 Clark's Chapel (Weaverville) Clark's Chapel (Weaverville)
   290277 BR-290.1 Covenant Community (Asheville) Covenant Community (Asheville)
   291088 BR-320.2 Piney Mountain (Candler) Davis Chapel-Piney Mountain
   290791 BR-320.1 Davis Chapel (Candler) Davis Chapel-Piney Mountain
   291033 BR-325.1 Dix Creek (Leicester) Dix Creek (Leicester)
   291077 BR-330.1 East Asheville (Asheville) East Asheville (Asheville)
   290302 BR-365.1 Emma (Asheville) Emma (Asheville) - Elkwood (Asheville)
   290803 BR-365.2 Elkwood (Asheville) Emma (Asheville) - Elkwood (Asheville)
   290860 BR-470.1 Francis Asbury (Candler) Francis Asbury (Candler)
   290951 BR-505.2 Grace (Leicester) Grace - Bell (Leicester)
   290541 BR-505.1 Bell (Leicester) Grace - Bell (Leicester)
   290346 BR-520.1 Groce (Asheville) Groce (Asheville)
   289143 BR-530.1 Haywood Street Congregation (NS) (Asheville) Haywood Street Congregation (NS) (Asheville)
   291022 BR-630.1 Montmorenci (Candler) Montmorenci (Candler)
   290871 BR-660.2 Nesbitt's Chapel (Fairview, NC) Nesbitt's Chapel - Fairview Sharon
   290825 BR-660.1 Fairview Sharon (Fairview) Nesbitt's Chapel - Fairview Sharon
   291066 BR-700.1 Oak Hill (Candler) Oak Hill (Candler)
   290381 BR-710.1 Oakley (Asheville) Oakley (Asheville)
   291374 BR-750.1 Pleasant Grove Union (Weaverville) Pleasant Grove Union (Weaverville)
   291317 BR-820.1 Salem (Weaverville) Salem (Weaverville)
   291181 BR-840.1 Sardis (Asheville) Sardis - Reeves Chapel
   291124 BR-840.2 Reeves Chapel (Asheville) Sardis - Reeves Chapel
   291204 BR-850.1 Skyland (Asheville) Skyland (Asheville)
   290712 BR-860.1 Snow Hill (Candler) Snow Hill (Candler)
   290426 BR-890.1 St. Paul's (Asheville) St. Paul's (Asheville)
   290610 BR-910.2 Tabernacle (Black Mtn.) Swannanoa - Tabernacle (Black Mountain)
   291226 BR-910.1 Swannanoa (Swannanoa) Swannanoa - Tabernacle (Black Mountain)
   290448 BR-935.2 Trinity (Asheville) Trinity - Berry Temple (Asheville)
   967686 BR-935.1 Berry Temple (Asheville) Trinity - Berry Temple (Asheville)
   291283 BR-960.1 Weaverville (Weaverville) Weaverville (Weaverville)
   290701 SM-201.1 Pleasant Hill (Candler) Pleasant Hill (Candler) - Rockwood (Canton)

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