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Iredell County - Church List

Charge Name
   299426 AP-090.1 Bethel (Statesville) Bethel (Statesville) - Marvin (Stony Point)
   299437 AP-110.1 Bethlehem (Statesville) Bethlehem (Statesville)
   300220 AP-130.1 Broad Street (Statesville) Broad Street (Statesville)
   300333 AP-160.1 Chapel Hill (Statesville) Chapel Hill (Statesville)
   300207 AP-180.1 Christ Boulevard (Statesville) Christ Boulevard (Statesville)
   299756 AP-190.1 Clarksbury (Harmony) Clarksbury (Harmony)
   299608 AP-210.1 Cool Spring (Cleveland) Cool Spring (Cleveland)
   300344 AP-350.1 First (Troutman) First (Troutman)
   299632 AP-370.1 Friendship (Statesville) Friendship (Statesville)
   299723 AP-420.1 Harmony (Harmony) Harmony (Harmony)
   300060 AP-500.1 Olin (Olin) Olin (Olin)
   300253 AP-515.1 Midway (Statesville) Midway (Statesville)
   299940 AP-540.1 Monticello (Statesville) Monticello (Statesville)
   288786 AP-570.2 Wesley Chapel (Hamptonville) Mountain View (Statesville) - Wesley Chapel (Hamptonville)
   299494 AP-570.1 Mountain View (Statesville) Mountain View (Statesville) - Wesley Chapel (Hamptonville)
   299734 AP-580.2 Mount Bethel (Harmony) Mount Bethel (Harmony) - Fairmount (Statesville)
   300140 AP-580.1 Fairmount (Statesville) Mount Bethel (Harmony) - Fairmount (Statesville)
   300014 AP-610.1 New Salem (Statesville) New Salem (Statesville)
   300300 AP-650.2 Trinity (Statesville) Pisgah (Hiddenite) - Trinity (Statesville)
   297746 AP-650.1 Pisgah (Hiddenite) Pisgah (Hiddenite) - Trinity (Statesville)
   299610 AP-660.1 Providence (Statesville) Providence (Statesville)
   300127 AP-690.1 Rose Chapel (Statesville) Rose Chapel (Statesville)
   300390 AP-693.2 Snow Creek (Statesville) Sandy Ridge (Statesville) - Snow Creek (Statesville)
   299450 AP-693.1 Sandy Ridge (Statesville) Sandy Ridge (Statesville) - Snow Creek (Statesville)
   967857 AP-695.1 Scott's Chapel (Statesville) Scott's Chapel
   300377 AP-700.1 Shiloh (Statesville) Shiloh (Statesville) - Wesley Chapel
   300424 AP-700.2 Wesley Chapel (Troutman) Shiloh (Statesville) - Wesley Chapel
   300366 AP-790.1 Union Grove (Union Grove) Union Grove (Union Grove)
   300264 AP-810.1 Wesley Memorial (Statesville) Wesley Memorial (Statesville)
   299962 ME-065.1 Broad Street (Mooresville) Broad Street (Mooresville)
   299984 ME-100.1 Central (Mooresville) Central (Mooresville)
   299676 ME-150.1 Elmwood (Statesville) Elmwood (Statesville)
   299654 ME-160.1 Fair View (Mooresville) Fair View (Mooresville)
   968076 ME-170.2 St. Paul (Mooresville) Faith (Mooresville) - St. Paul
   968054 ME-170.1 Faith (Mooresville) Faith (Mooresville) - St. Paul
   968043 ME-261.2 Morrows Chapel (Mooresville) Hunter's Chapel (Cornelius) - Morrows Chapel (Mooresville)
   288013 ME-267.1 Inclusion Community (NS) (Cornelius) Inclusion Community (Mooresville) - The Vine (Charlotte)
   299927 ME-302.1 McKendree (Mooresville) McKendree (Mooresville)
   300003 ME-400.1 Park Avenue (Mooresville) Park Avenue (Mooresville)
   299893 ME-445.1 Rocky Mount (Mooresville) Rocky Mount (Mooresville)
   300322 ME-545.1 Triplett (Mooresville) Triplett (Mooresville)
   300402 ME-570.1 Vanderburg (Mooresville) Vanderburg (Mooresville)
   288035 ME-593.1 West (Mooresville) West (Mooresville)
   299973 ME-600.1 Williamson's Chapel (Mooresville) Williamson's Chapel (Mooresville)

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