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Alleghany County - Church List

Charge Name
   297256 AP-010.3 Shiloh (Sparta) Alleghany - Grayson
   297518 AP-010.1 Cox's Chapel (Mouth of Wilson) Alleghany - Grayson
   297553 AP-010.2 Piney Creek (Piney Creek) Alleghany - Grayson
   288560 AP-020.2 Jonas Ridge (Jonas Ridge) Altamont - Jonas Ridge
   288547 AP-020.1 Altamont (Newland) Altamont - Jonas Ridge
   288627 AP-030.2 Union (North Wilkesboro) Arbor Grove - Union
   288582 AP-030.1 Arbor Grove (Purlear) Arbor Grove - Union
   288401 AP-050.1 Banner Elk (Banner Elk) Banner Elk
   300151 AP-060.1 Baton (Granite Falls) Baton (Granite Falls) - Littlejohn (Lenoir)
   299905 AP-060.2 Littlejohn (Lenoir) Baton (Granite Falls) - Littlejohn (Lenoir)
   288387 AP-080.1 Bethany (West Jefferson) Bethany (West Jefferson)
   299426 AP-090.1 Bethel (Statesville) Bethel (Statesville) - Marvin (Stony Point)
   299448 AP-090.2 Marvin (Stony Point) Bethel (Statesville) - Marvin (Stony Point)
   288902 AP-100.2 Valle Crucis (Banner Elk) Bethelview - Valle Crucis
   297416 AP-100.1 Bethelview (Boone) Bethelview - Valle Crucis
   299437 AP-110.1 Bethlehem (Statesville) Bethlehem (Statesville)
   297427 AP-120.1 Boone (Boone) Boone (Boone)
   300220 AP-130.1 Broad Street (Statesville) Broad Street (Statesville)
   300333 AP-160.1 Chapel Hill (Statesville) Chapel Hill (Statesville)
   288263 AP-165.1 Charity (Elkin) Charity (Elkin)
   300207 AP-180.1 Christ Boulevard (Statesville) Christ Boulevard (Statesville)
   299756 AP-190.1 Clarksbury (Harmony) Clarksbury (Harmony)
   299608 AP-210.1 Cool Spring (Cleveland) Cool Spring (Cleveland)
   288024 AP-215.1 Creston (Creston) Creston (Creston)
   288924 AP-230.1 Crossfire (N. Wilkesboro) Crossfire
   297531 AP-240.1 Deerfield (Boone) Deerfield (Boone)
   297507 AP-255.2 Maple Springs (Ronda) Ebenezer (Elkin) - Maple Springs (Ronda)
   303677 AP-255.1 Ebenezer (Elkin) Ebenezer (Elkin) - Maple Springs (Ronda)
   300116 AP-260.1 Ebenezer (Granite Falls) Ebenezer (Granite Falls)
   297792 AP-290.1 FaithBridge (Blowing Rock) FaithBridge (Blowing Rock)
   303325 AP-300.1 First (Elkin) First (Elkin)
   299701 AP-305.1 First (Granite Falls) First (Granite Falls)
   299882 AP-320.1 First (Lenoir) First (Lenoir)
   297724 AP-330.1 First (North Wilkesboro) First (North Wilkesboro)
   297804 AP-340.1 First (Taylorsville) First (Taylorsville)
   300344 AP-350.1 First (Troutman) First (Troutman)
   968101 AP-360.2 Piney Grove (Ronda) First (Jonesville) - Wesley's Chapel (Elkin) - Piney Grove (Ronda) Cooperative Parish
   303427 AP-360.1 First (Jonesville) First (Jonesville) - Wesley's Chapel (Elkin) - Piney Grove (Ronda) Cooperative Parish
   968340 AP-360.3 Wesley's Chapel (Elkin) First (Jonesville) - Wesley's Chapel (Elkin) - Piney Grove (Ronda) Cooperative Parish
   299665 AP-363.2 Gamewell (Lenoir) Foothills Cooperative Parish
   300388 AP-363.3 Whitnel (Lenoir) Foothills Cooperative Parish
   299541 AP-363.1 Colliers (Lenoir) Foothills Cooperative Parish
   297438 AP-365.1 Friendship (Boone) Friendship (Boone)
   299632 AP-370.1 Friendship (Statesville) Friendship (Statesville)
   299687 AP-390.1 Grace Chapel (Granite Falls) Grace Chapel (Granite Falls)
   297495 AP-400.1 Grassy Creek (Grassy Creek) Grassy Creek (Grassy Creek)
   967777 AP-415.2 Beaver Creek (Ferguson) Green Hill - Beaver Creek
   967994 AP-415.1 Green Hill (Lenoir) Green Hill - Beaver Creek
   299723 AP-420.1 Harmony (Harmony) Harmony (Harmony)
   297564 AP-430.1 Helton (Lansing) Helton (Lansing)
   288888 AP-440.2 Mabel (Zionville) Henson Chapel-Mabel
   297861 AP-440.1 Henson Chapel (Vilas) Henson Chapel-Mabel
   297586 AP-450.2 Hiddenite (Hiddenite) Hiddenite
   288742 AP-450.1 Carson's Chapel (Taylorsville) Hiddenite
   288764 AP-450.3 South River (Hiddenite) Hiddenite
   299860 AP-460.1 Hudson (Hudson) Hudson (Hudson)
   297600 AP-470.1 Jefferson (Jefferson) Jefferson (Jefferson)
   968497 AP-480.2 Philadelphia (Stony Point) Liberty (Hiddenite) - Philadelphia (Stony Point)
   288365 AP-480.1 Liberty (Hiddenite) Liberty (Hiddenite) - Philadelphia (Stony Point)
   288068 AP-495.1 Little Laurel (Creston) Little Laurel - Pleasant Valley - Sutherland
   297451 AP-495.2 Pleasant Valley (Boone) Little Laurel - Pleasant Valley - Sutherland
   288241 AP-495.3 Sutherland (Creston) Little Laurel - Pleasant Valley - Sutherland
   300060 AP-500.1 Olin (Olin) Olin (Olin)
   300253 AP-515.1 Midway (Statesville) Midway (Statesville)
   288662 AP-520.2 Dunkirk (Ferguson) Millers Creek - Dunkirk
   297644 AP-520.1 Millers Creek (Millers Creek) Millers Creek - Dunkirk
   297347 AP-530.2 Minneapolis (Minneapolis) Minneapolis-Elk Park
   297484 AP-530.1 Elk Park (Elk Park) Minneapolis-Elk Park
   299940 AP-540.1 Monticello (Statesville) Monticello (Statesville)
   297393 AP-545.1 Antioch (Roaring Gap) Mountain Valley
   303655 AP-545.2 Grassy Creek (State Road) Mountain Valley
   288707 AP-545.3 White Rock (Thurmond) Mountain Valley
   297688 AP-550.1 Mount Bethel (Hickory) Mount Bethel (Hickory)
   299871 AP-560.1 Mount Hermon (Lenoir) Cedar Valley - Mount Hermon (Lenoir)
   299552 AP-560.2 Cedar Valley (Lenoir) Cedar Valley - Mount Hermon (Lenoir)
   288786 AP-570.2 Wesley Chapel (Hamptonville) Mountain View (Statesville) - Wesley Chapel (Hamptonville)
   299494 AP-570.1 Mountain View (Statesville) Mountain View (Statesville) - Wesley Chapel (Hamptonville)
   300140 AP-580.1 Fairmount (Statesville) Mount Bethel (Harmony) - Fairmount (Statesville)
   299734 AP-580.2 Mount Bethel (Harmony) Mount Bethel (Harmony) - Fairmount (Statesville)
   299791 AP-588.1 Mount Zion (Lenoir) Mount Zion (Lenoir)
   288720 AP-590.1 Mount Zion (Piney Creek) Mount Zion (Piney Creek)
   288718 AP-600.1 Chestnut Hill (Jefferson) Nathan's Creek (Chestnut Hill, Nathan's Creek, Transou)
   288731 AP-600.3 Transou (Laurel Springs) Nathan's Creek (Chestnut Hill, Nathan's Creek, Transou)
   297702 AP-600.2 Nathan's Creek (Crumpler) Nathan's Creek (Chestnut Hill, Nathan's Creek, Transou)
   967766 AP-602.1 New Covenant (Lenoir) New Covenant (Lenoir)
   288811 AP-605.2 Zion (Todd) New River Charge (Calvary - Zion)
   288797 AP-605.1 Calvary (Fleetwood) New River Charge (Calvary - Zion)
   300014 AP-610.1 New Salem (Statesville) New Salem (Statesville)
   288480 AP-620.1 Newland (Newland) Newland (Newland)
   299836 AP-630.1 Harper's Chapel (Patterson) North Caldwell: Mount Olivet - Harper's Chapel
   300082 AP-630.2 Mount Olivet (Lenoir) North Caldwell: Mount Olivet - Harper's Chapel
   288445 AP-640.1 Linville (Linville) Pisgah (Linville Falls) - Linville
   297303 AP-640.2 Pisgah (Linville Falls) Pisgah (Linville Falls) - Linville
   297746 AP-650.1 Pisgah (Hiddenite) Pisgah (Hiddenite) - Trinity (Statesville)
   300300 AP-650.2 Trinity (Statesville) Pisgah (Hiddenite) - Trinity (Statesville)
   299610 AP-660.1 Providence (Statesville) Providence (Statesville)
   288753 AP-680.1 Rocky Springs (Hiddenite) Rocky Springs
   300127 AP-690.1 Rose Chapel (Statesville) Rose Chapel (Statesville)
   300390 AP-693.2 Snow Creek (Statesville) Sandy Ridge (Statesville) - Snow Creek (Statesville)
   299450 AP-693.1 Sandy Ridge (Statesville) Sandy Ridge (Statesville) - Snow Creek (Statesville)
   967857 AP-695.1 Scott's Chapel (Statesville) Scott's Chapel
   300377 AP-700.1 Shiloh (Statesville) Shiloh (Statesville) - Wesley Chapel
   300424 AP-700.2 Wesley Chapel (Troutman) Shiloh (Statesville) - Wesley Chapel
   297768 AP-730.1 Sparta (Sparta) Sparta (Sparta)
   288172 AP-735.1 Sparta New Church Start (NS) Sparta New Church Start (NS)
   297781 AP-740.1 Stony Point (Stony Point) Stony Point (Stony Point)
   303930 AP-750.1 Temple Hill (Ronda) Temple Hill-Roaring River
   288285 AP-750.2 Roaring River (Roaring) Temple Hill-Roaring River
   297336 AP-770.1 Mount Zion (Spruce Pine) Toe Valley
   297314 AP-770.2 Pine Grove (Spruce Pine) Toe Valley
   300184 AP-780.1 Trinity (Lenoir) Trinity (Lenoir)
   300366 AP-790.1 Union Grove (Union Grove) Union Grove (Union Grove)
   288822 AP-800.1 Clifton (Warrensville) Warrensville
   288866 AP-800.2 Smethport (West Jefferson) Warrensville
   297848 AP-800.3 Warrensville (Warrensville) Warrensville
   300264 AP-810.1 Wesley Memorial (Statesville) Wesley Memorial (Statesville)
   297883 AP-820.1 West Jefferson (West Jefferson) West Jefferson (West Jefferson)
   297906 AP-840.1 Wilkesboro (Wilkesboro) Wilkesboro (Wilkesboro)
   290222 BR-010.1 Abernethy (Asheville) Abernethy (Asheville)
   290200 BR-020.1 Acton (Asheville) Acton (Asheville)
   967790 BR-030.1 Addie's Chapel (Marion) Addie's Chapel (Marion) - Cross (Marion)
   296640 BR-030.2 Cross (Marion) Addie's Chapel (Marion) - Cross (Marion)
   296753 BR-040.2 Gray's Chapel (Rutherfordton) Alexander - Gray's Chapel
   296241 BR-040.1 Alexander (Forest City) Alexander - Gray's Chapel
   291352 BR-050.1 Alexander Chapel (Asheville) Alexander Chapel (Asheville)
   290244 BR-060.1 Asbury Memorial (Asheville) Asbury Memorial (Asheville)
   290461 BR-070.1 Avery's Creek (Arden) Avery's Creek (Arden)
   296387 BR-080.2 Cliffside (Mooresboro) Avondale-Cliffside
   296285 BR-080.1 Avondale (Forest City) Avondale-Cliffside
   290506 BR-090.1 Bald Creek (Burnsville) Bald Creek - Pensacola
   290255 BR-090.2 Pensacola (Burnsville) Bald Creek - Pensacola
   290528 BR-097.1 Balfour (Hendersonville) Balfour (Hendersonville)
   291328 BR-100.1 Barnardsville (Barnardsville) Barnardsville (Barnardsville, Pleasant Gap)
   291341 BR-100.3 Pleasant Gap (Weaverville) Barnardsville (Barnardsville, Pleasant Gap)
   290858 BR-120.1 Bethany (Fairview) Bethany (Fairview)
   296946 BR-135.2 Old Fort (Old Fort) Bethel (Old Fort) - Old Fort
   297017 BR-135.1 Bethel (Old Fort) Bethel (Old Fort) - Old Fort
   296310 BR-137.1 Bethel (Dysartsville) Bethel (Dysartsville)
   290563 BR-140.1 Bethel (Asheville) Bethel (Asheville)
   290585 BR-145.1 Bethesda (Asheville) Bethesda (Asheville)
   296742 BR-147.1 Bethlehem (Mill Spring) Bethlehem (Mill Spring)
   291272 BR-160.2 Western Chapel (Leicester) Big Sandy - Western Chapel
   291170 BR-160.1 Big Sandy (Leicester) Big Sandy - Western Chapel
   290266 BR-170.1 Biltmore (Asheville) Biltmore (Asheville)
   290608 BR-180.1 Black Mountain (Black Mountain) Black Mountain (Black Mountain)
   290973 BR-190.1 Bright Hope Laurel (Mars Hill) Bright Hope Laurel (Mars Hill)
   290665 BR-195.1 Brown's View (Candler) Brown's View (Candler)
   296616 BR-210.2 Trinity (Nebo) Carson's Chapel - Trinity (Nebo)
   297041 BR-210.1 Carson's Chapel (Marion) Carson's Chapel - Trinity (Nebo)
   290288 BR-240.1 Central (Asheville) Central (Asheville)
   291306 BR-250.1 Christ (Weaverville) Christ (Weaverville)
   291363 BR-260.1 Clark's Chapel (Weaverville) Clark's Chapel (Weaverville)
   296627 BR-262.1 Clinchfield (Marion) Clinchfield (Marion)
   297074 BR-280.1 Concord (Marion) Concord (Marion)
   290277 BR-290.1 Covenant Community (Asheville) Covenant Community (Asheville)
   290632 BR-310.1 Cummings Memorial (Mills River) Cummings Memorial (Mills River)
   290756 BR-315.1 Dana (Dana) Dana (Dana)
   291088 BR-320.2 Piney Mountain (Candler) Davis Chapel-Piney Mountain
   290791 BR-320.1 Davis Chapel (Candler) Davis Chapel-Piney Mountain
   291033 BR-325.1 Dix Creek (Leicester) Dix Creek (Leicester)
   291077 BR-330.1 East Asheville (Asheville) East Asheville (Asheville)
   296662 BR-350.1 East Marion (Marion) East Marion (Marion)
   297154 BR-352.1 Ebenezer (Old Fort) Ebenezer (Old Fort) - St. Mark's (Marion)
   296695 BR-352.2 St. Mark's (Marion) Ebenezer (Old Fort) - St. Mark's (Marion)
   290302 BR-365.1 Emma (Asheville) Emma (Asheville) - Elkwood (Asheville)
   290803 BR-365.2 Elkwood (Asheville) Emma (Asheville) - Elkwood (Asheville)
   290643 BR-380.1 Etowah (Etowah) Etowah (Etowah)
   290938 BR-390.1 Antioch (Hot Springs) Fairview - Antioch
   291011 BR-390.2 Fairview (Hot Springs) Fairview - Antioch
   291215 BR-397.1 Fanning Chapel (Fletcher) Fanning Chapel - Upward
   290734 BR-397.2 Upward (Flat Rock) Fanning Chapel - Upward
   296365 BR-410.1 Caroleen (Ellenboro) Caroleen
   296467 BR-420.1 First (Forest City) First (Forest City)
   290882 BR-430.1 First (Hendersonville) First (Hendersonville)
   296684 BR-440.1 First (Marion) First (Marion)
   297052 BR-450.1 First (Rutherfordton) First (Rutherfordton)
   290847 BR-460.1 Fletcher (Fletcher) Fletcher (Fletcher)
   290860 BR-470.1 Francis Asbury (Candler) Francis Asbury (Candler)
   290836 BR-472.1 Fruitland (Hendersonville) Fruitland (Hendsonville)
   296638 BR-475.1 Gilboa (Rutherfordton) Gilboa - Gilkey - Thermal City
   296651 BR-475.3 Thermal City (Union Mills) Gilboa - Gilkey - Thermal City
   296525 BR-475.2 Gilkey (Rutherfordton) Gilboa - Gilkey - Thermal City
   296970 BR-485.2 Pleasant Hill (Marion) Glenwood - Pleasant Hill (Marion)
   296718 BR-485.1 Glenwood (Marion) Glenwood - Pleasant Hill (Marion)
   297187 BR-500.1 Golden Valley (Bostic) Golden Valley (Bostic)
   290541 BR-505.1 Bell (Leicester) Grace - Bell (Leicester)
   290951 BR-505.2 Grace (Leicester) Grace - Bell (Leicester)
   290346 BR-520.1 Groce (Asheville) Groce (Asheville)
   289143 BR-530.1 Haywood Street Congregation (NS) (Asheville) Haywood Street Congregation (NS) (Asheville)
   290687 BR-550.1 Higgins Memorial (Burnsville) Higgins Memorial (Burnsville)
   290780 BR-552.1 Edneyville (Hendersonville) Hope (East Flat Rock) - Edneyville
   290745 BR-552.2 Hope (East Flat Rock) Hope (East Flat Rock) - Edneyville
   297028 BR-555.2 Tanner's Grove (Forest City) Kistler's Chapel - Tanner's Grove
   296376 BR-555.1 Kistler's Chapel (Rutherfordton) Kistler's Chapel - Tanner's Grove
   290698 BR-570.1 Lake Toxaway (Lake Toxaway) Lake Toxaway (Lake Toxaway)
   296775 BR-580.1 Lebanon (Mill Spring) Lebanon (Mill Spring)
   291248 BR-590.1 Little Sandy (Leicester) Little Sandy (Leicester)
   290927 BR-600.1 Mars Hill (Mars Hill) Mars Hill (Mars Hill)
   291000 BR-610.1 Mills River (Mills River) Mills River (Mills River)
   296957 BR-620.2 Deyton Bend (Green Mountain) Mitchell-Yancey (Bakersville, Deyton Bend, Red Hill)
   296981 BR-620.3 Red Hill (Bakersville) Mitchell-Yancey (Bakersville, Deyton Bend, Red Hill)
   296308 BR-620.1 Bakersville (Bakersville) Mitchell-Yancey (Bakersville, Deyton Bend, Red Hill)
   291022 BR-630.1 Montmorenci (Candler) Montmorenci (Candler)
   290530 BR-635.1 Moore's Grove (Hendersonville) Moore's Grove (Hendersonville)
   296888 BR-640.1 Mount Hebron (Forest City) Mount Hebron (Forest City)
   296924 BR-650.1 Nebo (Nebo) Nebo - Snow Hill (Morganton)
   296593 BR-650.2 Snow Hill (Morganton) Nebo - Snow Hill (Morganton)
   290871 BR-660.2 Nesbitt's Chapel (Fairview, NC) Nesbitt's Chapel - Fairview Sharon
   290825 BR-660.1 Fairview Sharon (Fairview) Nesbitt's Chapel - Fairview Sharon
   296811 BR-670.1 New Hope (Rutherfordton) New Hope (Rutherfordton)
   291113 BR-680.1 Celo (Burnsville) Newdale
   291055 BR-680.2 Martin's Chapel (Burnsville) Newdale
   291135 BR-680.3 Windom (Burnsville) Newdale
   296332 BR-690.1 Oak Grove (Ellenboro) Oak Grove - Cedar Grove
   297110 BR-690.2 Cedar Grove (Bostic) Oak Grove - Cedar Grove
   291066 BR-700.1 Oak Hill (Candler) Oak Hill (Candler)
   290381 BR-710.1 Oakley (Asheville) Oakley (Asheville)
   296571 BR-720.1 Pinnacle (Nebo) Pinnacle (Nebo)
   296935 BR-725.1 Centennial (Union Mills) Pisgah (Rutherfordton) - Centennial (Union Mills)
   296992 BR-725.2 Pisgah (Rutherfordton) Pisgah (Rutherfordton) - Centennial (Union Mills)
   296480 BR-737.1 Pleasant Grove (Forest City) Pleasant Grove (Forest City)
   291374 BR-750.1 Pleasant Grove Union (Weaverville) Pleasant Grove Union (Weaverville)
   296833 BR-770.1 Providence (Marion) Providence (Marion) - West Marion
   296968 BR-770.2 West Marion (Marion) Providence (Marion) - West Marion
   296398 BR-780.1 Providence (Rutherford) Providence (Rutherford)
   296412 BR-810.1 Salem (Bostic) Salem (Bostic)
   291317 BR-820.1 Salem (Weaverville) Salem (Weaverville)
   291146 BR-830.2 Saluda (Saluda) Saluda - Columbus
   291237 BR-830.1 Columbus (Columbus) Saluda - Columbus
   291181 BR-840.1 Sardis (Asheville) Sardis - Reeves Chapel
   291124 BR-840.2 Reeves Chapel (Asheville) Sardis - Reeves Chapel
   291204 BR-850.1 Skyland (Asheville) Skyland (Asheville)
   290712 BR-860.1 Snow Hill (Candler) Snow Hill (Candler)
   297063 BR-870.1 Spindale (Spindale) Spindale (Spindale)
   297085 BR-880.1 Spruce Pine (Spruce Pine) Spruce Pine (Spruce Pine)
   290426 BR-890.1 St. Paul's (Asheville) St. Paul's (Asheville)
   290814 BR-900.1 St. Timothy (Brevard) St. Timothy (Brevard)
   297108 BR-905.1 Sunshine (Bostic) Sunshine (Bostic)
   291226 BR-910.1 Swannanoa (Swannanoa) Swannanoa - Tabernacle (Black Mountain)
   290610 BR-910.2 Tabernacle (Black Mtn.) Swannanoa - Tabernacle (Black Mountain)
   291250 BR-930.1 Teague's Chapel (Marshall) Teague's Chapel (Marshall)
   290654 BR-932.3 Rosman (Rosman) Transylvania Cooperative Parish (English Chapel, First [Brevard], Rosman, Selica)
   290778 BR-932.1 English Chapel (Pisgah Forest) Transylvania Cooperative Parish (English Chapel, First [Brevard], Rosman, Selica)
   290621 BR-932.2 First (Brevard) Transylvania Cooperative Parish (English Chapel, First [Brevard], Rosman, Selica)
   290676 BR-932.4 Selica (Brevard) Transylvania Cooperative Parish (English Chapel, First [Brevard], Rosman, Selica)
   290448 BR-935.2 Trinity (Asheville) Trinity - Berry Temple (Asheville)
   967686 BR-935.1 Berry Temple (Asheville) Trinity - Berry Temple (Asheville)
   291261 BR-950.1 Tryon (Tryon) Tryon (Tryon)
   291283 BR-960.1 Weaverville (Weaverville) Weaverville (Weaverville)
   967711 BR-965.1 Wells Spring (Forest City) Wells Spring (Forest City)
   300025 CV-005.1 Abernethy Memorial (Newton) Abernethy Memorial (Newton)
   297006 CV-010.1 Abernethy Memorial (Rutherford College) Abernethy Memorial (Rutherford College)
   294162 CV-015.1 Aldersgate (Shelby) Aldersgate (Shelby)
   296228 CV-020.1 Arneys Fairview (Morganton) Arneys Fairview (Morganton)
   293021 CV-025.1 Asbury (Lincolnton) Asbury (Lincolnton)
   293076 CV-030.1 Kadesh (Lawndale) Belwood (Kadesh, Knob Creek, St. Peter's)
   293098 CV-030.2 Knob Creek (Lawndale) Belwood (Kadesh, Knob Creek, St. Peter's)
   293112 CV-030.3 St. Peter's (Lawndale) Belwood (Kadesh, Knob Creek, St. Peter's)
   293225 CV-035.2 Bethlehem (Lincolnton) Bess Chapel - Bethlehem (Lincolnton)
   293123 CV-035.1 Bess Chapel (Cherryville) Bess Chapel - Bethlehem (Lincolnton)
   296558 CV-045.1 Bethel (Morganton) Bethel (Morganton)
   299767 CV-055.1 Bethel (Hickory) Bethel (Hickory) - St. John's
   299073 CV-055.2 St. John's (Hickory) Bethel (Hickory) - St. John's
   293806 CV-060.3 Lowell/Smyre (Lowell) Bethesda - Cramer Memorial - Lowell/Smyre
   293203 CV-060.1 Bethesda (Gastonia) Bethesda - Cramer Memorial - Lowell/Smyre
   293362 CV-060.2 Cramer Memorial (Camerton) Bethesda - Cramer Memorial - Lowell/Smyre
   299528 CV-065.1 Bethlehem (Claremont) Bethlehem (Claremont)
   293340 CV-070.2 Concord (Bessemer City) Beulah-Concord
   293351 CV-070.1 Beulah (Shelby) Beulah-Concord
   293260 CV-075.1 Boger City (Lincolnton) Boger City (Lincolnton)
   288057 CV-082.1 Boiling Springs (Boiling Springs) Boiling Springs - Hoyle Memorial
   294207 CV-082.2 Hoyle Memorial (Shelby) Boiling Springs - Hoyle Memorial
   296434 CV-083.1 Bollinger's Chapel (Valdese) Bollinger's Chapel - Mount Pleasant - Zion Memorial
   296822 CV-083.3 Zion Memorial (Morganton) Bollinger's Chapel - Mount Pleasant - Zion Memorial
   296877 CV-083.2 Mount Pleasant (Morganton) Bollinger's Chapel - Mount Pleasant - Zion Memorial
   293500 CV-090.1 Bradley Memorial (Gastonia) Bradley Memorial (Gastonia)
   967642 CV-095.1 Brevard's Chapel (Denver) Brevard's Chapel (Denver)
   968544 CV-100.1 Brook's Chapel (Polkville) Brook's Chapel - Mundy's Chapel
   967892 CV-100.2 Mundy's Chapel (Mooresboro) Brook's Chapel - Mundy's Chapel
   967653 CV-105.1 Brown's Chapel (Catawba) Brown's Chapel (Catawba)
   292653 CV-110.1 Burge Memorial (Mount Holly) Burge Memorial - Rock Hill (Mount Holly)
   968010 CV-110.2 Rock Hill (Stanley) Burge Memorial - Rock Hill (Mount Holly)
   293282 CV-115.1 Casar (Casar) Casar - Polkville
   294025 CV-115.2 Polkville (Polkville) Casar - Polkville
   299483 CV-120.1 Catawba (Catawba) Catawba (Catawba)
   299461 CV-125.1 Center (Catawba) Center (Catawba)
   293681 CV-130.1 Central (Kings Mountain) Central (Kings Mountain)
   294184 CV-135.1 Central (Shelby) Central (Shelby)
   293613 CV-140.1 Christ (Gastonia) Christ (Gastonia)
   299778 CV-145.1 Christ (Hickory) Christ (Hickory)
   296478 CV-150.1 Christ (Drexel) Christ (Drexel)
   299563 CV-155.1 Concord (Catawba) Concord (Catawba)
   293646 CV-157.1 Covenant (Gastonia) Covenant (Gastonia)
   293418 CV-165.1 Crouse (Crouse) Crouse-Pleasant Grove
   293395 CV-165.2 Pleasant Grove (Lincolnton) Crouse-Pleasant Grove
   293407 CV-170.1 Crowell Memorial (Lincolnton) Crowell Memorial-Palm Tree
   294446 CV-170.2 Palm Tree (Vale) Crowell Memorial-Palm Tree
   296855 CV-175.1 Denton's Chapel (Morganton) Denton's Chapel (Morganton)
   294071 CV-180.1 Denver (Denver) Denver (Denver)
   294047 CV-185.2 Rehobeth (Shelby) Double Shoals - Rehobeth - St. Paul's (Shelby)
   294127 CV-185.3 St. Paul's (Shelby) Double Shoals - Rehobeth - St. Paul's (Shelby)
   293737 CV-185.1 Double Shoals (Double Shoals) Double Shoals - Rehobeth - St. Paul's (Shelby)
   968522 CV-190.1 Durham (Shelby) Durham-Philadelphia
   967697 CV-190.2 Philadelphia (Lawndale) Durham-Philadelphia
   293043 CV-195.1 Ebenezer (Belmont) Ebenezer (Belmont)
   300173 CV-205.1 Ebenezer (Vale) Ebenezer (Vale)
   293704 CV-210.2 Grace (Kings Mountain) El Bethel - Grace (Kings Mountain)
   293442 CV-210.1 El Bethel (Kings Mtn.) El Bethel - Grace (Kings Mountain)
   967846 CV-215.2 Mount Pleasant (Stanley) Epworth (Gastonia) - Mount Pleasant (Stanley)
   967733 CV-215.1 Epworth (Gastonia) Epworth (Gastonia) - Mount Pleasant (Stanley)
   294058 CV-220.2 Bethel (Denver) Fairfield - Bethel (Denver)
   294014 CV-220.1 Fairfield (Denver) Fairfield - Bethel (Denver)
   293065 CV-230.1 First (Belmont) First (Belmont)
   293305 CV-240.1 First (Cherryville) First (Cherryville)
   299585 CV-245.1 First (Conover) First (Conover)
   293420 CV-250.1 First (Dallas) First (Dallas)
   293544 CV-257.2 First (Gastonia) First (Gastonia) - First (Bessemer City)
   293167 CV-257.1 First (Bessemer City) First (Gastonia) - First (Bessemer City)
   299780 CV-260.1 First (Hickory) First (Hickory)
   296582 CV-265.1 First (Hildebran) First (Hildebran)
   293761 CV-270.1 First (Lincolnton) First (Lincolnton)
   299916 CV-275.1 First (Maiden) First (Maiden)
   296764 CV-280.1 First (Morganton) First (Morganton)
   293943 CV-285.1 First (Mount Holly) First (Mount Holly)
   300047 CV-290.1 First (Newton) First (Newton)
   294322 CV-295.1 First (Stanley) First (Stanley)
   297165 CV-300.1 First (Valdese) First (Valdese)
   293486 CV-305.1 Friendship (Fallston) Friendship (Fallston)
   299472 CV-310.1 Friendship (Newton) Friendship (Newton)
   296503 CV-315.1 Friendship (Connelly Springs) Friendship (Connelly Springs) - Shady Grove
   296514 CV-315.2 Shady Grove (Connelly Springs) Friendship (Connelly Springs) - Shady Grove
   967755 CV-320.2 St. Paul (Kings Mountain) Galilee - St. Paul (Kings Mountain)
   967972 CV-320.1 Galilee (Kings Mountain) Galilee - St. Paul (Kings Mountain)
   296547 CV-325.1 Glen Alpine (Glen Alpine) Glen Alpine (Glen Alpine)
   967961 CV-330.2 McQueen's Chapel (Conover) Hartzell Memorial - McQueen's Chapel
   967744 CV-330.1 Hartzell Memorial (Hickory) Hartzell Memorial - McQueen's Chapel
   293668 CV-335.1 High Shoals (High Shoals) High Shoals-Iron Station
   293032 CV-335.2 Iron Station (Iron Station) High Shoals-Iron Station
   299803 CV-340.1 Highland (Hickory) Highland (Hickory)
   293852 CV-345.1 Hill's Chapel (Stanley) Hill's Chapel (Stanley)
   967926 CV-350.1 Hinton Memorial (Lincolnton) Hinton Memorial (Lincolnton)
   294344 CV-355.2 Sulphur Springs (Shelby) Hoey Memorial-Sulphur Springs
   294275 CV-355.1 Hoey Memorial (Shelby) Hoey Memorial-Sulphur Springs
   299847 CV-360.1 Hopewell (Sherrills Ford) Hopewell (Sherrills Ford)
   293817 CV-370.1 Ivey Memorial (Maiden) Ivey Memorial (Maiden)
   293726 CV-375.2 Lawndale (Lawndale) Kistler's-Lawndale
   293293 CV-375.1 Kistler's (Lawndale) Kistler's-Lawndale
   293384 CV-380.2 Mary's Grove (Kings Mnt.) Laboratory-Mary's Grove
   293054 CV-380.1 Laboratory (Lincolnton) Laboratory-Mary's Grove
   294220 CV-385.1 Lafayette Street (Shelby) Lafayette Street (Shelby)
   967937 CV-388.3 Tucker's Grove (Iron Station) Lake Norman Network of Churches
   968008 CV-388.1 Ebenezer (Denver) Lake Norman Network of Churches
   967664 CV-388.2 Mott's Grove (Sherrills Ford) Lake Norman Network of Churches
   293750 CV-392.1 Lander's Chapel (Lincolnton) Lander's Chapel (Lincolnton) - Myrtle (Gastonia)
   293588 CV-392.2 Myrtle (Gastonia) Lander's Chapel (Lincolnton) - Myrtle (Gastonia)
   299951 CV-397.2 St. Paul's (Catawba) Lebanon - St. Paul's (Catawba)
   294116 CV-397.1 Lebanon (Denver) Lebanon - St. Paul's (Catawba)
   293828 CV-400.1 Marvin (Lincolnton) Marvin (Lincolnton)
   293566 CV-405.1 Maylo (Gastonia) Maylo (Gastonia)
   299938 CV-410.1 May's Chapel (Maiden) May's Chapel (Maiden)
   293830 CV-420.1 McKendree (Lincolnton) McKendree (Lincolnton)
   294468 CV-425.1 Messiah (Lincolnton) Messiah (Lincolnton)
   967675 CV-433.2 Providence (Catawba) Mount Beulah - Providence
   967700 CV-433.1 Mount Beulah (Sherrills) Mount Beulah - Providence
   300297 CV-435.1 Mount Pleasant (Sherrills Ford) Mount Pleasant (Sherrills Ford)
   299404 CV-440.1 Mountain View (Claremont) Mountain View (Claremont)
   296913 CV-450.1 Burke Chapel (Hickory) Mount Harmony - Burke Chapel
   296866 CV-450.2 Mount Harmony (Connely Springs) Mount Harmony - Burke Chapel
   293590 CV-455.1 Myers Memorial (Gastonia) Myers Memorial (Gastonia)
   294264 CV-460.1 New Covenant (Mount Holly) New Covenant (Mount Holly)
   296786 CV-470.1 North Morganton (Morganton) North Morganton (Morganton)
   293863 CV-475.1 Macedonia (Vale) Northbrook (Macedonia - Reep's Grove)
   293954 CV-475.2 Reep's Grove (Vale) Northbrook (Macedonia - Reep's Grove)
   293271 CV-480.3 Pleasant Hill (Lawndale) Oak Grove-Palm Tree-Pleasant Hill
   293987 CV-480.1 Oak Grove (Lawndale) Oak Grove-Palm Tree-Pleasant Hill
   293908 CV-480.2 Palm Tree (Lawndale) Oak Grove-Palm Tree-Pleasant Hill
   297132 CV-485.1 Oak Hill (Morganton) Oak Hill (Morganton)
   293087 CV-490.1 Park Street (Belmont) Park Street (Belmont)
   294297 CV-495.1 Pine Grove (Shelby) Pine Grove (Shelby)
   299415 CV-500.1 Pisgah (Catawba) Pisgah (Catawba)
   294003 CV-505.1 Pisgah (Lincolnton) Pisgah (Lincolnton)
   300218 CV-510.2 Wesley Chapel (Newton) Plateau-Wesley Chapel
   300195 CV-510.1 Plateau (Vale) Plateau-Wesley Chapel
   293635 CV-515.1 Puett (Dallas) Puett (Dallas)
   300311 CV-520.1 Rehobeth (Terrell) Rehobeth (Terrell)
   293783 CV-525.1 Rhyne Heights (Lincolnton) Rhyne Heights (Lincolnton)
   294036 CV-530.1 Salem (Denver) Salem (Denver)
   297030 CV-535.1 Salem (Morganton) Salem (Morganton)
   294140 CV-545.1 Sharon (Shelby) Sharon (Shelby)
   300162 CV-550.1 Shiloh (Claremont) Shiloh (Claremont)
   294300 CV-555.1 South Point (Belmont) South Point (Belmont)
   968021 CV-560.1 St. James (Denver) St. James (Denver)
   299814 CV-565.1 St. Luke's (Hickory) St. Luke's (Hickory)
   294105 CV-570.1 St. Mark's (Belmont) St. Mark's (Belmont)
   296800 CV-575.1 St. Matthews (Morganton) St. Matthews (Morganton)
   967824 CV-580.1 St. Paul (Newton) St. Paul (Newton)
   297201 CV-590.1 Linville (Morganton) Table Rock (Linville [Morganton], Mountain Grove)
   297223 CV-590.2 Mountain Grove (Morganton) Table Rock (Linville [Morganton], Mountain Grove)
   294138 CV-600.1 Webbs Chapel (Denver) Webbs Chapel (Denver)
   293247 CV-605.2 Mount Moriah (Casar) West Casar (Clover Hill, Mount Moriah, New Home)
   293338 CV-605.3 New Home (Casar) West Casar (Clover Hill, Mount Moriah, New Home)
   293464 CV-605.1 Clover Hill (Lawndale) West Casar (Clover Hill, Mount Moriah, New Home)
   294424 CV-610.2 Hebron (Vale) West Lincoln (David's Chapel, Hebron, Laurel Hill)
   294435 CV-610.3 Laurel Hill (Vale) West Lincoln (David's Chapel, Hebron, Laurel Hill)
   294413 CV-610.1 David's Chapel (Lawndale) West Lincoln (David's Chapel, Hebron, Laurel Hill)
   299825 CV-615.1 Westview (Hickory) Westview (Hickory)
   296673 CV-621.1 Warlick's Chapel (Connelly Springs) Warlick's Chapel (Connelly Springs)
   293624 CV-642.1 Trinity (Gastonia) Trinity (Gastonia)
   291820 ME-005.2 Grace (Charlotte) Aldersgate - Grace (Charlotte)
   291773 ME-005.1 Aldersgate (Charlotte) Aldersgate - Grace (Charlotte)
   298320 ME-010.1 Ann Street (Concord) Ann Street (Concord)
   289360 ME-015.1 Antioch (Matthews) Antioch - Wesley Chapel
   291614 ME-015.2 Wesley Chapel (Wesley Chapel) Antioch - Wesley Chapel
   291523 ME-020.1 Asbury (Huntersville) Asbury (Huntersville)
   292004 ME-025.1 Assurance (Huntersville) Assurance (Huntersville)
   298240 ME-030.1 Bethel (Midland) Bethel (Midland)
   298546 ME-040.1 Bethpage (Kannapolis) Bethpage (Kannapolis)
   291625 ME-045.1 Big Spring (Charlotte) Big Spring (Charlotte)
   291658 ME-050.1 Blair Road (Mint Hill) Blair Road (Mint Hill)
   298411 ME-055.1 Boger's Chapel (Concord) Boger's Chapel (Concord)
   299962 ME-065.1 Broad Street (Mooresville) Broad Street (Mooresville)
   291647 ME-070.1 Calvary (Charlotte) Calvary (Charlotte)
   299506 ME-075.1 Centenary (Mount Ulla) Centenary (Mount Ulla)
   298375 ME-080.1 Center (Concord) Center (Concord)
   298774 ME-085.2 St. Paul (Concord) Center Grove - St. Paul (Concord)
   298251 ME-085.1 Center Grove (Midland) Center Grove - St. Paul (Concord)
   291660 ME-090.1 Central (Charlotte) Central (Charlotte)
   298342 ME-095.1 Central (Concord) Central (Concord)
   299984 ME-100.1 Central (Mooresville) Central (Mooresville)
   291454 ME-105.1 Christ (Charlotte) Christ (Charlotte)
   291693 ME-110.1 Cokesbury (Charlotte) Cokesbury (Charlotte)
   298307 ME-115.1 Cold Springs (Concord) Cold Springs (Concord)
   291727 ME-125.1 Commonwealth (Charlotte) Commonwealth (Charlotte)
   291636 ME-130.1 Covenant (Charlotte) Covenant (Charlotte)
   298694 ME-135.1 Crossroads (Concord) Crossroads (Concord)
   292141 ME-140.1 Davidson (Davidson) Davidson (Davidson)
   291740 ME-145.1 Dilworth (Charlotte) Dilworth (Charlotte)
   299676 ME-150.1 Elmwood (Statesville) Elmwood (Statesville)
   298364 ME-155.1 Epworth (Concord) Epworth (Concord)
   299654 ME-160.1 Fair View (Mooresville) Fair View (Mooresville)
   289212 ME-165.1 Faith (Indian Trail) Faith (Indian Trail)
   968076 ME-170.2 St. Paul (Mooresville) Faith (Mooresville) - St. Paul
   968054 ME-170.1 Faith (Mooresville) Faith (Mooresville) - St. Paul
   291784 ME-175.1 First (Charlotte) First (Charlotte)
   298262 ME-180.1 First (China Grove) First (China Grove)
   298706 ME-185.1 First (Landis) First (Landis)
   292106 ME-187.1 First Hmong Mission (Charlotte) First Hmong Mission (Charlotte)
   298386 ME-190.1 Forest Hill (Concord) Forest Hill (Concord)
   298796 ME-195.1 Friendship (Mount Pleasant) Friendship (Mount Pleasant)
   288957 ME-200.1 All Nations (Charlotte) All Nations
   292128 ME-205.1 Good Shepherd (Charlotte) Good Shepherd (Charlotte)
   292686 ME-210.1 Grace (Monroe) Grace - Memorial
   292380 ME-210.2 Memorial (Monroe) Grace - Memorial
   288946 ME-215.1 Greater Vision (NS) (Charlotte) Greater Vision (NS) (Charlotte)
   298400 ME-220.1 Harmony (Concord) Harmony - Mount Carmel (Concord)
   298433 ME-220.2 Mount Carmel (Concord) Harmony - Mount Carmel (Concord)
   298557 ME-230.1 Harrisburg (Harrisburg) Harrisburg (Harrisburg)
   292185 ME-235.1 Harrison (Pineville) Harrison (Pineville)
   291842 ME-240.1 Hawthorne Lane (Charlotte) Hawthorne Lane (Charlotte)
   289347 ME-245.1 Heath Memorial (Waxhaw) Heath Memorial (Waxhaw)
   292221 ME-255.1 Hickory Grove (Charlotte) Hickory Grove (Charlotte)
   968043 ME-261.2 Morrows Chapel (Mooresville) Hunter's Chapel (Cornelius) - Morrows Chapel (Mooresville)
   967813 ME-261.1 Hunter's Chapel (Cornelius) Hunter's Chapel (Cornelius) - Morrows Chapel (Mooresville)
   288126 ME-262.2 Reactivate Church (NS) Huntersville (Huntersville) - Reactivate (Charlotte)
   292265 ME-262.1 Huntersville (Huntersville) Huntersville (Huntersville) - Reactivate (Charlotte)
   291864 ME-267.2 The Vine (Charlotte) Inclusion Community (Mooresville) - The Vine (Charlotte)
   288013 ME-267.1 Inclusion Community (NS) (Cornelius) Inclusion Community (Mooresville) - The Vine (Charlotte)
   292287 ME-270.1 Indian Trail (Indian Trail) Indian Trail (Indian Trail)
   298568 ME-275.1 Jackson Park (Kannapolis) Jackson Park (Kannapolis)
   288070 ME-277.1 Journey (NS) Journey (NS)
   298422 ME-280.1 Kerr Street (Concord) Kerr Street (Concord)
   292538 ME-285.1 Light Of Christ (Charlotte) Light Of Christ (Charlotte)
   292345 ME-295.1 Matthews (Matthews) Matthews (Matthews)
   299927 ME-302.1 McKendree (Mooresville) McKendree (Mooresville)
   291886 ME-305.1 Memorial (Charlotte) Memorial (Charlotte)
   298581 ME-310.1 Memorial (Kannapolis) Memorial (Kannapolis)
   288150 ME-315.1 Metro New Church Start (NS) Metro New Church Start (NS)
   298604 ME-320.1 Midway (Kannapolis) Midway (Kannapolis)
   289280 ME-325.1 Mill Grove (Indian Trail) Mill Grove (Indian Trail)
   298752 ME-330.1 Mill Grove (Midland) Mill Grove (Midland)
   292367 ME-335.1 Mineral Springs (Monroe) Mineral Springs (Monroe)
   292447 ME-340.1 Moore's Chapel (Charlotte) Moore's Chapel (Charlotte)
   298626 ME-353.1 Mount Mitchell (Kannapolis) Mount Mitchell (Kannapolis)
   298763 ME-355.1 Mount Olivet (Concord) Mount Olivet (Concord)
   298785 ME-360.1 Mount Pleasant (Mount Pleasant) Mount Pleasant (Mount Pleasant)
   292482 ME-365.1 Mount Zion (Cornelius) Mount Zion (Cornelius)
   291922 ME-370.1 Selwyn (Charlotte) Selwyn (Charlotte)
   291944 ME-380.1 Myers Park (Charlotte) Myers Park (Charlotte)
   288137 ME-381.1 The Connecting Road (Metro) (NS) The Connecting Road (Metro) (NS)
   292083 ME-383.1 NorthDavidson A United Methodist Congregation (Charlotte) NorthDavidson (Charlotte)
   298648 ME-385.1 North Kannapolis (Kannapolis) North Kannapolis (Kannapolis)
   292540 ME-390.1 Oak Grove (Charlotte) Oak Grove (Charlotte)
   298887 ME-395.1 Oak Grove (China Grove) Oak Grove (China Grove)
   104851 ME-397.1 Opportunity House (Mission) Opportunity House (Concord)
   300003 ME-400.1 Park Avenue (Mooresville) Park Avenue (Mooresville)
   298898 ME-405.2 Locust (Locust) Pine Bluff-Locust
   298717 ME-405.1 Pine Bluff (Midland) Pine Bluff-Locust
   292584 ME-410.1 Pineville (Pineville) Pineville (Pineville)
   292414 ME-415.1 Plaza (Charlotte) Plaza (Charlotte)
   292607 ME-420.1 Pleasant Grove (Charlotte) Pleasant Grove (Charlotte)
   291580 ME-423.1 Pleasant Grove (Mineral Springs) Pleasant Grove (Mineral Springs)
   291966 ME-425.1 Providence (Charlotte) Providence (Charlotte)
   291988 ME-430.1 Purcell (Charlotte) Purcell (Charlotte)
   298945 ME-435.1 Roberta (Concord) Roberta (Concord)
   298295 ME-440.1 Rock Grove (Salisbury) Rock Grove (Salisbury)
   299893 ME-445.1 Rocky Mount (Mooresville) Rocky Mount (Mooresville)
   299038 ME-450.1 Rocky Ridge (Concord) Rocky Ridge (Concord)
   298650 ME-455.1 Royal Oaks (Kannapolis) Royal Oaks (Kannapolis)
   289132 ME-460.1 Sanctuary (NS) (Charlotte) Sanctuary (NS) (Charlotte)
   292061 ME-463.1 Sedgefield (Charlotte) Sedgefield (Charlotte)
   291795 ME-465.1 SouthPark (Charlotte) SouthPark (Charlotte)
   298661 ME-470.1 Shiloh (Concord) Shiloh (Concord)
   967276 ME-475.1 Simpson-Gillespie (Charlotte) Simpson-Gillespie (Charlotte)
   298284 ME-480.1 South (China Grove) South (China Grove)
   291716 ME-485.1 South Tryon Community Mission (Charlotte) South Tryon Community Mission (Charlotte)
   292117 ME-495.1 St. Andrew's (Charlotte) St. Andrew's (Charlotte)
   294082 ME-500.1 St. Francis (Charlotte) St. Francis (Charlotte)
   292174 ME-510.1 St. Mark's (Charlotte) St. Mark's (Charlotte)
   291875 ME-520.1 St. Stephen (Charlotte) St. Stephen (Charlotte)
   292254 ME-525.1 Stallings (Matthews) Stallings (Matthews)
   292700 ME-530.1 Thrift (Charlotte) Thrift (Charlotte)
   292722 ME-535.1 Trinity (Charlotte) Trinity (Charlotte)
   298683 ME-540.1 Trinity (Kannapolis) Trinity (Kannapolis)
   300322 ME-545.1 Triplett (Mooresville) Triplett (Mooresville)
   291591 ME-550.1 Union (Waxhaw) Union (Waxhaw)
   289303 ME-552.1 Union Grove (Indian Trail) Union Grove (Indian Trail)
   299200 ME-560.1 Unity (Kannapolis) Unity (Kannapolis)
   292733 ME-565.1 University City (Charlotte) University City (Charlotte)
   300402 ME-570.1 Vanderburg (Mooresville) Vanderburg (Mooresville)
   292788 ME-580.1 Waxhaw (Waxhaw) Waxhaw (Waxhaw)
   292802 ME-585.1 Weddington (Weddington) Weddington (Weddington)
   291671 ME-590.1 Wesley (Charlotte) Wesley (Charlotte)
   288035 ME-593.1 West (Mooresville) West (Mooresville)
   298444 ME-595.1 Westford (Concord) Westford (Concord)
   299973 ME-600.1 Williamson's Chapel (Mooresville) Williamson's Chapel (Mooresville)
   292711 ME-605.1 Zion (Monroe) Zion (Monroe)
   300606 NP-005.1 Archdale (Archdale) Archdale (Archdale)
   967221 NP-010.2 Raleigh's Crossroads (Greensboro) Bass Chapel - Raleigh's Crossroads
   966807 NP-010.1 Bass Chapel (Greensboro) Bass Chapel - Raleigh's Crossroads
   300765 NP-020.1 Bethany (Franklinville) Bethany (Franklinville)
   294630 NP-035.1 Bethel (Oak Ridge) Bethel (Oak Ridge)
   968145 NP-045.1 Bethel (Archdale) Bethel (Archdale) - Liberty Grove (Trinity)
   968351 NP-045.2 Liberty Grove (Trinity) Bethel (Archdale) - Liberty Grove (Trinity)
   294606 NP-050.1 Bethlehem (Climax) Bethlehem (Climax)
   294812 NP-057.1 Bethlehem (Reidsville) Bethlehem (Reidsville) - Wentworth
   294891 NP-057.2 Wentworth (Wentworth) Bethlehem (Reidsville) - Wentworth
   295155 NP-060.1 Brown Summit (Brown Summit) Brown Summit - Friendship (Brown Summit)
   295020 NP-060.2 Friendship (Brown Summit) Brown Summit - Friendship (Brown Summit)
   289520 NP-067.1 Burnett's Chapel (Greensboro) Burnett's Chapel (Greensboro)
   294823 NP-075.1 Centenary (Greensboro) Centenary (Greensboro)
   296070 NP-080.1 Centenary (Stoneville) Centenary (Stoneville) - Hodgin Memorial
   295986 NP-080.2 Hodgin Memorial (Stoneville) Centenary (Stoneville) - Hodgin Memorial
   296002 NP-085.1 Center (Greensboro) Center (Greensboro)
   294834 NP-090.1 Christ (Greensboro) Christ (Greensboro) - St. Timothy's (Jamestown) - Immanuel Mission
   289052 NP-090.2 Immanuel Mission (Greensboro) Christ (Greensboro) - St. Timothy's (Jamestown) - Immanuel Mission
   295337 NP-090.3 St. Timothy's (Jamestown) Christ (Greensboro) - St. Timothy's (Jamestown) - Immanuel Mission
   295304 NP-095.1 Christ (High Point) Christ (High Point)
   294845 NP-100.1 College Place (Greensboro) College Place (Greensboro)
   967037 NP-105.1 Collins Grove (Greensboro) Collins Grove (Greensboro)
   295315 NP-110.1 Covenant (High Point) Covenant (High Point)
   296013 NP-113.1 Eden (Madison) Eden-Mount Tabor
   296035 NP-113.2 Mount Tabor (Madison) Eden-Mount Tabor
   295018 NP-115.1 Fairgrove (Reidsville) Fairgrove (Reidsville)
   301064 NP-120.1 Fairfield (High Point) Fairfield (High Point)
   295406 NP-124.2 Welch Memorial (High Point) Fairview (Trinity) - Welch Memorial (High Point)
   301097 NP-124.1 Fairview (Trinity) Fairview (Trinity) - Welch Memorial (High Point)
   295634 NP-125.1 Faithwalk (Gibsonville) Faithwalk (Gibsonville)
   294628 NP-130.1 First (Eden) First (Eden) - Spray (Eden)
   295920 NP-130.2 Spray (Eden) First (Eden) - Spray (Eden)
   295224 NP-135.1 First (High Point) First (High Point)
   301680 NP-140.1 First (Randleman) First (Randleman)
   301326 NP-150.2 First (Liberty) First (Liberty) - Bethany (Liberty)
   289644 NP-150.1 Bethany (Liberty) First (Liberty) - Bethany (Liberty)
   294641 NP-155.1 Flat Rock (Stokesdale) Flat Rock (Stokesdale) - Rankin Memorial (High Point)
   295348 NP-155.2 Rankin Memorial (High Point) Flat Rock (Stokesdale) - Rankin Memorial (High Point)
   967106 NP-160.2 Garretts Grove (Gibsonville) Garrett's Grove-Camp Springs
   967094 NP-160.1 Camp Springs (Reidsville) Garrett's Grove-Camp Springs
   295097 NP-165.1 Greensboro Korean (Greensboro) Greensboro Korean (Greensboro)
   294685 NP-170.2 Gethsemane (Greensboro) Gethsemane - Bethany
   295053 NP-170.1 Bethany (Summerfield) Gethsemane - Bethany
   294708 NP-175.1 Gibsonville (Gibsonville) Gibsonville (Gibsonville)
   294674 NP-180.2 Palestine (Stokesdale) Gideon Grove - Palestine
   294652 NP-180.1 Gideon Grove (Stokesdale) Gideon Grove - Palestine
   294721 NP-185.1 Glencoe (Summerfield) Glencoe (Summerfield)
   294880 NP-190.1 Grace (Greensboro) Grace (Greensboro)
   294914 NP-195.2 St. Andrews (Greensboro) Groometown - St. Andrews
   294903 NP-195.1 Groometown (Greensboro) Groometown - St. Andrews
   295122 NP-200.1 Guilford College (Greensboro) Guilford College (Greensboro)
   295188 NP-205.1 Hickory Grove (Greensboro) Hickory Grove (Greensboro)
   295884 NP-210.2 Ruffin (Ruffin) Hickory Grove-Ruffin
   295166 NP-210.1 Hickory Grove (Pelham) Hickory Grove-Ruffin
   295246 NP-222.1 Highland (High Point) Highland - Spring Hill
   301884 NP-222.2 Spring Hill (High Point) Highland - Spring Hill
   294925 NP-225.1 Hinshaw (Greensboro) Hinshaw (Greensboro)
   301224 NP-235.1 Hopewell (Trinity) Hopewell (Trinity)
   295075 NP-240.1 Irving Park (Greensboro) Irving Park (Greensboro)
   295441 NP-245.1 Jamestown (Jamestown) Jamestown (Jamestown)
   295463 NP-247.1 Julian (Julian) Julian (Julian)
   294982 NP-250.2 Newlyn Street (Greensboro) Laughlin Memorial-Newlyn Street
   967232 NP-250.1 Laughlin Memorial (Greensboro) Laughlin Memorial-Newlyn Street
   295485 NP-255.1 Leaksville (Eden) Leaksville (Eden)
   295268 NP-260.1 Lebanon (High Point) Lebanon (High Point)
   295508 NP-262.2 Lee's Chapel (Greensboro) Lee's Chapel - Carraway (Greensboro)
   294801 NP-262.1 Carraway (Greensboro) Lee's Chapel - Carraway (Greensboro)
   294856 NP-275.1 Lowe's (Reidsville) Lowes - Mizpah
   295031 NP-275.2 Mizpah (Reidsville) Lowes - Mizpah
   295521 NP-280.1 Madison (Madison) Madison (Madison)
   295827 NP-285.1 Main Street (Reidsville) Main Street (Reidsville)
   296068 NP-292.1 Matthews Chapel (Stoneville) Matthews Chapel (Stoneville)
   295543 NP-296.1 Mayodan (Mayodan) Mayodan (Mayodan)
   295565 NP-300.1 Meadow View (Eden) Meadow View (Eden)
   968123 NP-305.1 Memorial (High Point) Memorial (High Point)
   967174 NP-310.1 Metropolitan (Greensboro) Metropolitan (Greensboro)
   967254 NP-315.1 Chapel Hill (Reidsville) Midway - Chapel Hill
   294732 NP-315.2 Midway (Reidsville) Midway - Chapel Hill
   295587 NP-320.1 Mitchell's Grove (High Point) Mitchell's Grove (High Point)
   295714 NP-335.1 Morehead (Greensboro) Morehead (Greensboro)
   967128 NP-340.1 Holmes Grove (Greensboro) Moriah - Holmes Grove
   295601 NP-340.2 Moriah (Greensboro) Moriah - Holmes Grove
   295612 NP-345.1 Mount Carmel (Reidsville) Mount Carmel (Reidsville)
   295851 NP-347.1 Mount Carmel (Stokesdale) Mount Carmel (Stokesdale)
   289746 NP-348.1 Mount Gilead (Sophia) Mount Gilead (Sophia)
   295623 NP-350.1 Mount Hermon (Madison) Mount Hermon (Madison)
   301714 NP-353.1 Level Cross (Randleman) Mount Lebanon (Randleman) - Level Cross
   301508 NP-353.2 Mount Lebanon (Randleman) Mount Lebanon (Randleman) - Level Cross
   294947 NP-355.1 Mount Pisgah (Greensboro) Mount Pisgah (Greensboro)
   295645 NP-360.1 Mount Pleasant (Greensboro) Mount Pleasant (Greensboro)
   295760 NP-375.1 Mount Pleasant (Kimesville) Mount Pleasant (Kimesville)
   966864 NP-380.2 Mount Tabor (Greensboro) Mount Tabor (Greensboro) - Celia Phelps
   966886 NP-380.1 Celia Phelps (Greensboro) Mount Tabor (Greensboro) - Celia Phelps
   301793 NP-385.1 Mount Vernon (Trinity) Mount Vernon (Trinity)
   295953 NP-390.1 Mount Zion (Stokesdale) Mount Zion (Stokesdale)
   294960 NP-395.1 Muir's Chapel (Greensboro) Muir's Chapel (Greensboro)
   288148 NP-397.1 The Good Neighbor Movement The Good Neighbor Movement (Greensboro)
   966897 NP-400.2 Union Memorial (Greensboro) New Goshen - Union Memorial (Greensboro)
   966955 NP-400.1 New Goshen (Greensboro) New Goshen - Union Memorial (Greensboro)
   301736 NP-405.1 New Salem (Randleman) New Salem (Randleman)
   295703 NP-410.1 Oak Ridge (Oak Ridge) Oak Ridge (Oak Ridge)
   301587 NP-422.1 Old Union (Sophia) Old Union (Sophia)
   967185 NP-430.1 Zion Hill (Colfax) Zion Hill (Colfax)
   295725 NP-435.1 Pelham (Pelham) Pelham (Pelham)
   295747 NP-440.1 Pleasant Garden (Pleasant Garden) Pleasant Garden (Pleasant Garden)
   295678 NP-445.1 Pleasant Union (Liberty) Pleasant Union (Liberty)
   301667 NP-450.2 Prospect (Archdale) Prospect - Pleasant Hill
   301623 NP-450.1 Pleasant Hill (Thomasville) Prospect - Pleasant Hill
   295782 NP-460.1 Rehobeth (Greensboro) Rehobeth (Greensboro)
   296046 NP-466.1 Northwood (High Point) Sandy Ridge - Northwood
   300468 NP-466.2 Sandy Ridge (High Point) Sandy Ridge - Northwood
   966933 NP-467.2 St. John (Eden) Salem - St. John
   294878 NP-467.1 Salem (Reidsville) Salem - St. John
   300481 NP-470.1 Bethel (Climax) Shiloh (Liberty) - Bethel (Climax)
   301805 NP-470.2 Shiloh (Liberty) Shiloh (Liberty) - Bethel (Climax)
   967117 NP-480.1 Jackson (Brown Summit) St. James-Jackson
   966990 NP-480.2 St. James (Sedalia) St. James-Jackson
   295086 NP-490.1 St. John's (Greensboro) St. John's (Greensboro)
   966875 NP-500.1 St. Matthews (Greensboro) St. Matthews (Greensboro)
   295007 NP-505.1 Proximity (Greensboro) St. Paul (Greensboro) - Proximity (Greensboro)
   295042 NP-505.2 St. Paul (Greensboro) St. Paul (Greensboro) - Proximity (Greensboro)
   967004 NP-510.1 St. Paul (Reidsville) St. Paul (Reidsville) - Wesley Chapel (Reidsville)
   967048 NP-510.2 Wesley Chapel (Reidsville) St. Paul (Reidsville) - Wesley Chapel (Reidsville)
   967026 NP-515.2 St. Peter's (Randleman) St. Peter's - Ferrees
   967015 NP-515.1 Ferree's Chapel (Randleman) St. Peter's - Ferrees
   968362 NP-517.1 Hayes Chapel (Madison) St. Stephen's - Hayes Chapel (Madison)
   968156 NP-517.2 St. Stephen's (Madison) St. Stephen's - Hayes Chapel (Madison)
   295942 NP-530.1 Stokesdale (Stokesdale) Stokesdale (Stokesdale)
   296057 NP-535.1 Summerfield Peace (Summerfield) Summerfield Peace (Summerfield)
   296024 NP-540.1 Tabernacle (Greensboro) Tabernacle (Greensboro)
   295133 NP-547.1 Triad Native American (Greensboro) Triad Native American (Greensboro)
   302046 NP-550.2 Trinity Memorial (Trinity) Trinity Memorial - St. Mary's (Trinity)
   968247 NP-550.1 St. Mary's (Trinity) Trinity Memorial - St. Mary's (Trinity)
   295111 NP-557.1 Vickrey (Greensboro) Vickrey (Greensboro)
   295428 NP-575.2 Wesley Memorial (High Point) Wesley Memorial - Ward Street Mission (High Point)
   295383 NP-575.1 Ward Street Mission (High Point) Wesley Memorial - Ward Street Mission (High Point)
   295100 NP-585.1 West Market Street (Greensboro) West Market Street (Greensboro)
   289702 NP-587.1 White's Chapel (Liberty) White's Chapel (Liberty)
   295838 NP-590.1 Woodmont (Reidsville) Woodmont (Reidsville)
   301725 NP-595.1 Worthville (Randleman) Worthville (Randleman)
   302285 SM-005.1 Andrews (Andrews) Andrews (Andrews)
   303063 SM-007.1 Asbury (Otto) South Macon (Asbury, Dryman's Chapel)
   302946 SM-007.2 Dryman's Chapel (Franklin) South Macon (Asbury, Dryman's Chapel)
   302731 SM-015.1 Bellview (Murphy) Bellview (Murphy)
   302913 SM-020.1 Bethel (Franklin) Bethel (Franklin)
   302308 SM-025.1 Bethel (Waynesville) Bethel (Waynesville)
   302321 SM-030.1 Bryson City (Bryson City) Bryson City (Bryson City)
   302560 SM-035.1 Cashiers (Cashiers) Cashiers (Cashiers)
   302343 SM-040.1 Central (Canton) Central (Canton)
   303052 SM-045.2 Louisa Chapel (Clyde) Central (Clyde) - Louisa Chapel (Clyde)
   302401 SM-045.1 Central (Clyde) Central (Clyde) - Louisa Chapel (Clyde)
   302935 SM-055.1 Clark's Chapel (Franklin) Clark's Chapel (Franklin) - Union (Franklin)
   303096 SM-055.2 Union (Franklin) Clark's Chapel (Franklin) - Union (Franklin)
   302423 SM-060.1 Crabtree (Clyde) Crabtree - Fines Creek (Clyde)
   302480 SM-060.2 Fines Creek (Clyde) Crabtree - Fines Creek (Clyde)
   302445 SM-065.1 Cullowhee (Cullowhee) Cullowhee (Cullowhee)
   302491 SM-085.2 Mount Zion (Clyde) Fincher's Chapel - Mount Zion (Clyde)
   302228 SM-085.1 Fincher's Chapel (Clyde) Fincher's Chapel - Mount Zion (Clyde)
   302503 SM-090.1 First (Franklin) First (Franklin)
   302547 SM-095.1 First (Hayesville) First (Hayesville)
   302720 SM-100.1 First (Murphy) First (Murphy)
   302866 SM-102.1 First (Sylva) First (Sylva)
   302902 SM-110.1 First (Waynesville) First (Waynesville)
   302478 SM-111.1 Elizabeth Chapel (Waynesville) Haywood Parish: Maple Grove - Elizabeth Chapel
   302241 SM-111.2 Maple Grove (Waynesville) Haywood Parish: Maple Grove - Elizabeth Chapel
   303041 SM-114.1 Beaverdam (Canton) Haywood Parish: Francis Cove - Beaverdam
   302616 SM-114.2 Francis Cove (Waynesville) Haywood Parish: Francis Cove - Beaverdam
   302365 SM-115.1 First (Canton) First (Canton)
   302605 SM-117.1 Faith (Waynesville) Haywood Parish: Faith
   302035 SM-119.2 Maiden's Chapel (Franklin) Hickory Knoll - Maiden's Chapel (Franklin)
   302970 SM-119.1 Hickory Knoll (Franklin) Hickory Knoll - Maiden's Chapel (Franklin)
   302627 SM-130.1 Highlands (Highlands) Highlands (Highlands)
   302662 SM-140.1 Long's Chapel (Lake Junaluska) Long's Chapel (Lake Junaluska)
   302651 SM-145.1 Cruso (Canton) Long's - Cruso (Canton)
   302673 SM-145.2 Long's (Canton) Long's - Cruso (Canton)
   302013 SM-155.1 Louisa Chapel (Franklin) Louisa Chapel (Franklin)
   302924 SM-160.2 Webster (Webster) Love's Chapel (Sylva) - Webster (Webster)
   302398 SM-160.1 Love's Chapel (Sylva) Love's Chapel (Sylva) - Webster (Webster)
   302811 SM-165.1 Maggie Valley (Maggie Valley) Maggie Valley (Maggie Valley)
   302638 SM-175.1 Martin's Creek (Murphy) Martin's Creek - Peachtree (Murphy)
   302695 SM-175.2 Peachtree (Murphy) Martin's Creek - Peachtree (Murphy)
   302068 SM-180.1 Memorial (Franklin) Memorial - Patton (Franklin)
   303085 SM-180.2 Patton (Franklin) Memorial - Patton (Franklin)
   302707 SM-185.1 Morning Star (Canton) Morning Star (Canton)
   303074 SM-187.1 Mulberry (Otto) Mulberry (Otto)
   303006 SM-188.1 Hickory Stand (Brasstown) Oak Forest - Hickory Stand - Ledford's Chapel
   303017 SM-188.3 Oak Forest (Hayesville) Oak Forest - Hickory Stand - Ledford's Chapel
   302992 SM-188.2 Ledford's Chapel (Hayesville) Oak Forest - Hickory Stand - Ledford's Chapel
   302981 SM-190.1 Peachtree (Maggie Valley) Peachtree (Maggie Valley)
   302456 SM-195.2 Spring Creek (Spring Creek) Pine Grove (Clyde) - Spring Creek
   302434 SM-195.1 Pine Grove (Clyde) Pine Grove (Clyde) - Spring Creek
   302718 SM-200.1 Plains (Canton) Plains (Canton)
   302786 SM-201.2 Rockwood (Canton) Pleasant Hill (Candler) - Rockwood (Canton)
   290701 SM-201.1 Pleasant Hill (Candler) Pleasant Hill (Candler) - Rockwood (Canton)
   301907 SM-203.2 Olivet (Whittier) Qualla Parish
   302387 SM-203.1 Cherokee (Cherokee) Qualla Parish
   302558 SM-205.2 Tomotla (Murphy) Ranger-Tomotla (Murphy)
   302593 SM-205.1 Ranger (Murphy) Ranger-Tomotla (Murphy)
   302571 SM-210.1 Reid's Chapel (Murphy) Reid's Chapel (Murphy)
   302764 SM-215.1 Robbinsville (Robbinsville) Robbinsville (Robbinsville)
   302800 SM-225.2 Shady Grove (Waynesville) Shady Grove - Piney Grove (Waynesville)
   302582 SM-225.1 Piney Grove (Waynesville) Shady Grove - Piney Grove (Waynesville)
   302844 SM-230.2 Snow Hill (Franklin) Snow Hill (Franklin) - Iotla
   302640 SM-230.1 Iotla (Franklin) Snow Hill (Franklin) - Iotla
   302252 SM-247.1 Wesleyanna (Sylva) Wesleyanna (Sylva)
   302968 SM-250.1 Whittier (Whittier) Whittier (Whittier)
   301931 UW-005.1 Adonai Mission (Asheboro) Adonai Mission (Asheboro)
   291501 UW-010.1 Ansonville (Ansonville) Ansonville (Ansonville, Cedar Hill, Concord)
   291556 UW-010.3 Concord (Wadesboro) Ansonville (Ansonville, Cedar Hill, Concord)
   291512 UW-010.2 Cedar Hill (Wadesboro) Ansonville (Ansonville, Cedar Hill, Concord)
   966820 UW-015.1 Cox Chapel (Ramseur) Asheboro Circuit (Cox Chapel, Mitchell, St. Mark's)
   967072 UW-015.2 Mitchell (Asheboro) Asheboro Circuit (Cox Chapel, Mitchell, St. Mark's)
   968065 UW-015.3 St. Mark's (Asheboro) Asheboro Circuit (Cox Chapel, Mitchell, St. Mark's)
   298205 UW-020.1 Badin (Badin) Badin - Oak Grove
   298158 UW-020.2 Oak Grove (Mt. Pleasant) Badin - Oak Grove
   298227 UW-025.1 Bethany (Albemarle) Bethany (Albemarle)
   301111 UW-030.1 Bethany (Lexington) Bethany (Lexington)
   298730 UW-035.2 Grace (Salisbury) Grace (Salisbury) - Bethel (Rowan)
   298934 UW-035.1 Bethel (Salisbury) Grace (Salisbury) - Bethel (Rowan)
   298810 UW-040.2 Palestine (Albemarle) Bethel (New London) - Palestine
   298832 UW-040.1 Bethel (New London) Bethel (New London) - Palestine
   298570 UW-042.1 Bethlehem (Gold Hill) Bethlehem (Gold Hill)
   291567 UW-045.1 Bethlehem (Waxhaw) Bethlehem (Waxhaw)
   301840 UW-052.2 New Hope (Asheboro) Brower's Chapel - New Hope (Asheboro)
   300470 UW-052.1 Brower's Chapel (Asheboro) Brower's Chapel - New Hope (Asheboro)
   298854 UW-055.1 Cedar Grove (Norwood) Cedar Grove (Norwood)
   301190 UW-057.1 Center (Troy) Center (Troy) - Macedonia
   300572 UW-057.2 Macedonia (Troy) Center (Troy) - Macedonia
   298103 UW-060.1 Central (Albemarle) Central (Albemarle)
   300641 UW-065.1 Central (Asheboro) Central (Asheboro)
   300960 UW-070.1 Central (Denton) Central (Denton)
   292403 UW-075.1 Central (Monroe) Central (Monroe)
   299142 UW-080.1 Central (Spencer) Central (Spencer)
   300710 UW-085.1 Central Falls (Asheboro) Central Falls (Asheboro)
   300550 UW-090.1 Chandler's Grove (New London) Chandler's Grove (New London)
   301532 UW-095.1 Chapel Hill (Denton) Chapel Hill (Denton)
   300413 UW-100.1 Charlotte (Asheboro) Charlotte (Asheboro)
   298980 UW-105.1 Christ (Salisbury) Christ (Salisbury)
   300823 UW-110.1 Cid (Denton) Cid - Fairview
   300834 UW-110.2 Fairview (Denton) Cid - Fairview
   300903 UW-117.2 Cotton Grove (Lexington) Clarksbury (Thomasville) - Cotton Grove (Lexington)
   300812 UW-117.1 Clarksbury (Thomasville) Clarksbury (Thomasville) - Cotton Grove (Lexington)
   300515 UW-120.2 Siloam (East Denton) Clear Springs - Siloam (East Denton)
   300993 UW-120.1 Clear Springs (Denton) Clear Springs - Siloam (East Denton)
   298455 UW-125.1 Cleveland (Cleveland) Cleveland - Knox Chapel
   298535 UW-125.2 Knox Chapel (Cleveland) Cleveland - Knox Chapel
   299027 UW-127.1 Coburn Memorial (Salisbury) Coburn Memorial - Main Street (Salisbury)
   299062 UW-127.2 Main Street (Salisbury) Coburn Memorial - Main Street (Salisbury)
   289600 UW-130.3 Mount Olivet (Seagrove) Coleridge
   289586 UW-130.2 Maple Springs (Ramseur) Coleridge
   289564 UW-130.1 Concord (Ramseur) Coleridge
   298513 UW-145.1 Ebenezer (Mount Ulla) Ebenezer (Mount Ulla)
   301758 UW-147.2 Reeds (Lexington) Ebenezer - Reeds (Lexington)
   301020 UW-147.1 Ebenezer (Lexington) Ebenezer - Reeds (Lexington)
   967152 UW-155.2 Pleasant Hill (Seagrove) Empire Circuit
   967163 UW-155.3 Stout's Chapel (Ramseur) Empire Circuit
   967141 UW-155.1 Piney Ridge (Seagrove) Empire Circuit
   300652 UW-160.2 New Hope (Denton) Farmer (Farmer, New Hope, Oak Grove)
   301122 UW-160.1 Farmer (Denton) Farmer (Farmer, New Hope, Oak Grove)
   300754 UW-160.3 Oak Grove (Asheboro) Farmer (Farmer, New Hope, Oak Grove)
   300663 UW-165.1 First (Asheboro) First (Asheboro)
   301281 UW-170.1 First (Lexington) First (Lexington)
   298843 UW-175.1 First (Norwood) First (Norwood)
   299040 UW-180.1 First (Salisbury) First (Salisbury)
   292527 UW-185.5 New Hope (Wadesboro) First (Wadesboro) - Anson Circuit (Bethel - Long Pine - Morven - New Hope)
   291545 UW-185.1 Bethel (Wadesboro) First (Wadesboro) - Anson Circuit (Bethel - Long Pine - Morven - New Hope)
   291831 UW-185.3 Long Pine (Wadesboro) First (Wadesboro) - Anson Circuit (Bethel - Long Pine - Morven - New Hope)
   292460 UW-185.4 Morven (Morven) First (Wadesboro) - Anson Circuit (Bethel - Long Pine - Morven - New Hope)
   292766 UW-185.2 First (Wadesboro) First (Wadesboro) - Anson Circuit (Bethel - Long Pine - Morven - New Hope)
   298125 UW-190.1 First Street (Albemarle) First Street - Union Chapel (Albemarle)
   298136 UW-190.2 Union Chapel (Albemarle) First Street - Union Chapel (Albemarle)
   300982 UW-195.2 First (Denton) First (Denton) - Canaan (Denton)
   300504 UW-195.1 Canaan (Denton) First (Denton) - Canaan (Denton)
   301873 UW-200.1 Flag Springs (Asheboro) Flag Springs (Asheboro)
   289006 UW-205.1 Fountain Hill (Peachland) Fountain Hill (Peachland) - Mount Moriah (Marshville)
   289041 UW-205.2 Mount Moriah (Marshville) Fountain Hill (Peachland) - Mount Moriah (Marshville)
   289622 UW-210.2 Rehobeth (Ramseur) Franklinville - Rehobeth (Ramseur)
   301166 UW-210.1 Franklinville (Franklinville) Franklinville - Rehobeth (Ramseur)
   298490 UW-215.1 The Arbor (Salisbury) The Arbor (Salisbury)
   292562 UW-220.2 Peachland (Peachland) Gilboa-Peachland
   292334 UW-220.1 Gilboa (Marshville) Gilboa-Peachland
   300721 UW-225.2 Cedar Falls (Asheboro) Giles Chapel - Cedar Falls (Asheboro)
   300696 UW-225.1 Giles Chapel (Asheboro) Giles Chapel - Cedar Falls (Asheboro)
   298502 UW-230.1 Gold Hill (Gold Hill) Gold Hill (Gold Hill)
   301188 UW-240.1 Grays Chapel (Franklinville) Grays Chapel (Franklinville)
   298967 UW-245.1 Green Memorial (Norwood) Green Memorial (Norwood)
   301383 UW-250.2 Linwood (Linwood) Greer's Chapel-Linwood
   301202 UW-250.1 Greer's Chapel (Linwood) Greer's Chapel-Linwood
   289028 UW-255.1 Hopewell (Peachland) Hopewell (Peachland)
   301851 UW-260.1 Jordan Memorial (Ramseur) Jordan Memorial (Ramseur)
   298592 UW-270.2 Rockwell (Rockwell) Liberty (Gold Hill) - Rockwell (Rockwell)
   298637 UW-270.1 Liberty (Gold Hill) Liberty (Gold Hill) - Rockwell (Rockwell)
   292301 UW-275.2 Lilesville (Lilesville) Lilesville (Forestville, Lilesville, Olivet)
   292232 UW-275.1 Forestville (Lilesville) Lilesville (Forestville, Lilesville, Olivet)
   292378 UW-275.3 Olivet (Lilesville) Lilesville (Forestville, Lilesville, Olivet)
   289245 UW-277.1 Love's Chapel (Stanfield) Love's Chapel (Stanfield)
   289267 UW-285.1 Love's Grove (Stanfield) Love's Grove (Stanfield)
   301406 UW-290.1 Macedonia (Lexington) Macedonia (Lexington)
   298147 UW-295.1 Main Street (Albemarle) Main Street (Albemarle)
   292323 UW-300.1 Marshville (Marshville) Marshville (Marshville)
   298912 UW-305.1 Matton's Grove (Gold Hill) Matton's Grove-Richfield
   298923 UW-305.2 Richfield (Richfield) Matton's Grove-Richfield
   967061 UW-310.1 McCrary Chapel (Ramseur) McCrary Chapel (Ramseur)
   289201 UW-315.1 Midway (Monroe) Midway (Monroe)
   299084 UW-320.1 Milford Hills (Salisbury) Milford Hills (Salisbury)
   292436 UW-325.3 Shiloh (Morven) South Anson (Pleasant Hill, Sandy Plains, Shiloh)
   292471 UW-325.2 Sandy Plains (Wadesboro) South Anson (Pleasant Hill, Sandy Plains, Shiloh)
   292493 UW-325.1 Pleasant Hill (McFarlan) South Anson (Pleasant Hill, Sandy Plains, Shiloh)
   300787 UW-332.1 Mount Shepherd (Asheboro) Mount Shepherd (Asheboro)
   298956 UW-335.1 Mount Tabor (Salisbury) Mount Tabor (Salisbury)
   301485 UW-340.1 Mount Carmel (Lexington) Mount Carmel (Lexington)
   298978 UW-350.1 Mount Zion (Norwood) Mount Zion (Norwood)
   289804 UW-355.2 Pleasant Hill (Seagrove) Mount Zion (Bennett) - Pleasant Hill (Seagrove)
   289781 UW-355.1 Mount Zion (Bennett) Mount Zion (Bennett) - Pleasant Hill (Seagrove)
   289223 UW-365.2 Trinity (Monroe) New Hope - Trinity (Monroe)
   292505 UW-365.1 New Hope (Monroe) New Hope - Trinity (Monroe)
   298808 UW-375.1 New London (New London) New London (New London)
   292664 UW-380.1 New Mount Tabor (Richfield) New Mount Tabor (Richfield)
   300355 UW-385.1 New Union (Asheboro) New Union (Asheboro)
   298876 UW-392.1 Oakboro (Oakboro) Oakboro (Oakboro)
   298488 UW-395.1 Friendship (Albemarle) Pine Grove - Friendship (Albemarle)
   298171 UW-395.2 Pine Grove (Albemarle) Pine Grove - Friendship (Albemarle)
   301678 UW-397.1 Piney Grove (Denton) Piney Grove - Pleasant Grove
   301177 UW-397.2 Pleasant Grove (Trinity) Piney Grove - Pleasant Grove
   301838 UW-400.1 Pisgah (Asheboro) Pisgah (Asheboro) - Seagrove
   301760 UW-400.2 Seagrove (Seagrove) Pisgah (Asheboro) - Seagrove
   292620 UW-405.2 Polkton (Polkton) Polkton
   289085 UW-405.3 Poplar Hill (Wadesboro) Polkton
   289063 UW-405.1 Mount Vernon (Polkton) Polkton
   289108 UW-405.4 Wightman (Polkton) Polkton
   298193 UW-410.1 Porter (Albemarle) Porter (Albemarle) - Randall (Norwood)
   298991 UW-410.2 Randall (Norwood) Porter (Albemarle) - Randall (Norwood)
   292276 UW-412.1 Mount Carmel (Monroe) Prospect - Mount Carmel (Monroe)
   292642 UW-412.2 Prospect (Monroe) Prospect - Mount Carmel (Monroe)
   298901 UW-420.1 Providence (Salisbury) Providence (Salisbury)
   299005 UW-435.1 Salem (Albemarle) Salem (Albemarle)
   299120 UW-440.1 Shiloh (Granite Quarry) Shiloh (Granite Quarry)
   289121 UW-445.1 Smyrna (Monroe) Smyrna (Monroe) - Wingate (Wingate)
   292824 UW-445.2 Wingate (Wingate) Smyrna (Monroe) - Wingate (Wingate)
   301554 UW-450.2 Lineberry (Denton) South Davidson
   301521 UW-450.1 Alleghany (Denton) South Davidson
   301612 UW-450.3 Pleasant Grove (Denton) South Davidson
   299211 UW-455.1 South River (Woodleaf) South River (Woodleaf)
   968098 UW-460.1 St. Luke (Asheboro) St. Luke (Asheboro)
   968134 UW-463.1 St. Stephen (Lexington) St. Stephen (Lexington)
   298114 UW-465.1 Stony Hill (Albemarle) Stony Hill (Albemarle)
   301953 UW-472.1 Tabernacle (Trinity) Tabernacle (Trinity) - West Chapel (Asheboro)
   300743 UW-472.2 West Chapel (Asheboro) Tabernacle (Trinity) - West Chapel (Asheboro)
   301304 UW-480.1 Trinity (Lexington) Trinity (Lexington)
   301394 UW-490.1 Tyro (Lexington) Tyro (Lexington)
   301315 UW-498.1 Wesley Heights (Lexington) Wesley Heights (Lexington)
   292846 UW-505.2 Wade (Wadesboro) Wade-Hanna Chapel
   291818 UW-505.1 Hanna Chapel (Wadesboro) Wade-Hanna Chapel
   299222 UW-510.1 Wesley Chapel (Misenheimer) Wesley Chapel (Misenheimer)
   300685 UW-520.1 West Bend (Asheboro) West Bend (Asheboro)
   298615 UW-998.1 Zion (Gold Hill) Zion (Gold Hill)
   300583 YV-005.1 Advance (Advance) Advance (Advance)
   304240 YV-020.1 Ardmore (Winston-Salem) Ardmore (Winston-Salem)
   297963 YV-022.1 Asbury (Hamptonville) Asbury (Hamptonville)
   303314 YV-035.1 Baltimore (East Bend) Baltimore (East Bend)
   303234 YV-040.1 Bethel (King) Bethel (King)
   301417 YV-045.1 Bethel (Mocksville) Bethel (Mocksville) - Cooleemee (Cooleemee) - Woodleaf (Woodleaf)
   300880 YV-045.2 Cooleemee (Cooleemee) Bethel (Mocksville) - Cooleemee (Cooleemee) - Woodleaf (Woodleaf)
   299244 YV-045.3 Woodleaf (Woodleaf) Bethel (Mocksville) - Cooleemee (Cooleemee) - Woodleaf (Woodleaf)
   301918 YV-050.1 Bethel (Thomasville) Bethel (Thomasville)
   303438 YV-055.1 Bethel (Winston-Salem) Bethel (Winston-Salem)
   300801 YV-060.1 Bethesda (Lexington) Bethesda (Lexington)
   303110 YV-065.1 Bethesda (Pine Hall) Bethesda (Pine Hall)
   301018 YV-070.1 Bethlehem (Advance) Bethlehem (Advance)
   303690 YV-075.2 Zion (Mt. Airy) Beulah - Zion (Mount Airy)
   303963 YV-075.1 Beulah (Lowgap) Beulah - Zion (Mount Airy)
   303165 YV-080.1 Boonville (Boonville) Boonville (Boonville)
   968624 YV-082.1 Brooks Temple (Winston Salem) Brooks Temple (Winston Salem)
   303553 YV-090.1 Brookstown (Pfafftown) Brookstown (Pfafftown)
   303201 YV-095.1 Bunker Hill (Kernersville) Bunker Hill (Kernersville)
   304262 YV-100.1 Burkhead (Winston-Salem) Burkhead (Winston-Salem)
   301576 YV-105.1 Canaan (Winston-Salem) Canaan (Winston-Salem)
   300878 YV-110.1 Centenary (Clemmons) Centenary (Clemmons)
   304284 YV-115.1 Centenary (Winston-Salem) Centenary (Winston-Salem)
   302081 YV-122.2 Center (Welcome) Center (Welcome) - Arcadia (Clemmons)
   300914 YV-122.1 Arcadia (Clemmons) Center (Welcome) - Arcadia (Clemmons)
   304513 YV-125.1 Center (Yadkinville) Center (Yadkinville)
   301031 YV-130.2 Salem (Mocksville) Center (Mocksville) - Salem
   300958 YV-130.1 Center (Mocksville) Center (Mocksville) - Salem
   303586 YV-135.1 Central (Mount Airy) Central (Mount Airy)
   968236 YV-137.1 Central (Thomasville) Central (Thomasville)
   304307 YV-140.1 Central Terrace (Winston-Salem) Central Terrace (Winston-Salem)
   303440 YV-145.1 Cherry Street (Kernersville) Cherry Street (Kernersville)
   303928 YV-150.1 Chestnut Grove (King) Chestnut Grove (King)
   301430 YV-152.1 Chestnut Grove (Mocksville) Chestnut Grove (Mocksville)
   303917 YV-155.1 Clemmons (Clemmons) Clemmons (Clemmons)
   300867 YV-160.1 Concord (Mocksville) Concord (Mocksville)
   301452 YV-170.1 Cornatzer (Mocksville) Cornatzer (Mocksville)
   303245 YV-175.1 Crews (Winston-Salem) Crews (Winston-Salem)
   303850 YV-180.1 Danbury Community Chapel (Danbury) Danbury Community Chapel (Danbury)
   295816 YV-183.1 Delta (Sandy Ridge) Delta (Sandy Ridge)
   303746 YV-185.2 Oak Grove (Mount Airy) Dobson - Oak Grove (Mount Airy)
   303280 YV-185.1 Dobson (Dobson) Dobson - Oak Grove (Mount Airy)
   301007 YV-190.1 Dulin (Mocksville) Dulin (Mocksville)
   303303 YV-195.1 East Bend (East Bend) East Bend - Stony Knoll (East Bend)
   303336 YV-195.2 Stony Knoll (East Bend) East Bend - Stony Knoll (East Bend)
   300617 YV-205.2 Elbaville (Advance) Elbaville - Bailey's Chapel (Advance)
   300594 YV-205.1 Bailey's Chapel (Advance) Elbaville - Bailey's Chapel (Advance)
   301920 YV-210.1 Fair Grove (Thomasville) Fair Grove (Thomasville)
   304012 YV-215.1 Fairview (Pinnacle) Fairview (Pinnacle)
   301100 YV-220.1 Fairview (Thomasville) Fairview (Thomasville)
   303212 YV-222.1 Antioch (Rural Hall) Faith (Rural Hall) - Antioch (Rural Hall)
   303781 YV-222.2 Faith (Rural Hall) Faith (Rural Hall) - Antioch (Rural Hall)
   301155 YV-230.2 Wesley Chapel (Mocksville) Farmington - Wesley Chapel (Mocksville)
   301144 YV-230.1 Farmington (Mocksville) Farmington - Wesley Chapel (Mocksville)
   301441 YV-240.1 First (Mocksville) First (Mocksville)
   303826 YV-245.1 First (Pilot Mountain) First (Pilot Mountain)
   301942 YV-250.1 First (Thomasville) First (Thomasville) - Trinity (Thomasville)
   301986 YV-250.2 Trinity (Thomasville) First (Thomasville) - Trinity (Thomasville)
   303371 YV-260.3 Forest Chapel (Walnut Cove) Forsyth - Stokes (Antioch, Bethlehem, Forest Chapel)
   303393 YV-260.2 Bethlehem (Winston-Salem) Forsyth - Stokes (Antioch, Bethlehem, Forest Chapel)
   303416 YV-260.1 Antioch (Belews Creek) Forsyth - Stokes (Antioch, Bethlehem, Forest Chapel)
   303600 YV-265.1 Franklin Heights (Mount Airy) Franklin Heights-Maple Grove
   304125 YV-265.2 Maple Grove (Mount Airy) Franklin Heights-Maple Grove
   301691 YV-270.1 Friendship (Lexington) Friendship (Lexington)
   300630 YV-273.1 Fulton (Advance) Fulton (Advance)
   288092 YV-274.1 G3 (Winston Salem) G3 (Winston-Salem)
   300891 YV-275.1 Good Hope (Lexington) Good Hope (Lexington)
   304364 YV-280.1 Green Street (Winston-Salem) Green Street (Winston-Salem)
   297928 YV-282.1 Hanes Grove (Hamptonville) Hanes Grove (Hamptonville) - Longtown (Yadkinville)
   297941 YV-282.2 Longtown (Yadkinville) Hanes Grove (Hamptonville) - Longtown (Yadkinville)
   303382 YV-285.1 Hanes (Winston-Salem) Hanes - Hickory Ridge Administrative Charge
   303405 YV-285.2 Hickory Ridge (Winston-Salem) Hanes - Hickory Ridge Administrative Charge
   300856 YV-290.1 Hardison (Mocksville) Hardison (Mocksville)
   304001 YV-295.2 Sharon (Lewisville) Harmony Grove - Sharon (Lewisville)
   303108 YV-295.1 Harmony Grove (Lewisville) Harmony Grove - Sharon (Lewisville)
   300708 YV-300.1 Hillsdale (Advance) Hillsdale (Advance)
   303906 YV-310.1 Kingswood (Rural Hall) Kingswood (Rural Hall)
   304397 YV-315.1 Konnoak Hills (Winston-Salem) Konnoak Hills (Winston-Salem)
   303507 YV-320.1 Level Cross (Dobson) Level Cross - Siloam
   303518 YV-320.2 Siloam (Siloam) Level Cross - Siloam
   303520 YV-325.1 Lewisville (Lewisville) Lewisville (Lewisville)
   301372 YV-330.1 Liberty (Mocksville) Liberty (Mocksville)
   304160 YV-340.1 Love's (Walkertown) Love's (Walkertown)
   303462 YV-345.1 Main Street (Kernersville) Main Street (Kernersville)
   303542 YV-355.1 Maple Springs (Winston-Salem) Maple Springs (Winston-Salem)
   304400 YV-360.1 Marvin (Winston-Salem) Marvin (Winston-Salem)
   301964 YV-365.1 Memorial (Thomasville) Memorial (Thomasville)
   301428 YV-370.1 Midway (Lexington) Midway (Lexington)
   303564 YV-375.1 Mitchell's Chapel (Boonville) Mitchell's Chapel (Boonville)
   300732 YV-380.1 Mocks (Advance) Mocks (Advance)
   304182 YV-385.1 Morris Chapel (Walkertown) Morris Chapel (Walkertown)
   304422 YV-390.1 Mount Carmel (Winston-Salem) Mount Carmel (Winston-Salem)
   300936 YV-395.1 Mount Olivet (Lexington) Mount Olivet (Lexington)
   304444 YV-400.1 Mount Tabor (Winston-Salem) Mount Tabor (Winston-Salem)
   301656 YV-403.1 Mount Zion (Trinity) Mount Zion (Trinity)
   303815 YV-405.1 Hatcher's Chapel (Claudville) Mount Herman (Mount Airy) - Hatcher's Chapel (Claudville)
   303837 YV-405.2 Mount Herman (Mount Airy) Mount Herman (Mount Airy) - Hatcher's Chapel (Claudville)
   301086 YV-410.1 Mount Olive (Yadkinville) Mount Olive (Yadkinville)
   301598 YV-415.1 Mount Pleasant (Thomasville) Mount Pleasant (Thomasville)
   303872 YV-420.2 Tabernacle (Tobaccoville) Mount Pleasant (Tobaccoville) - Tabernacle
   304238 YV-420.1 Mount Pleasant (Tobaccoville) Mount Pleasant (Tobaccoville) - Tabernacle
   304023 YV-421.2 Shiloh (Germanton) Mount Pleasant (Winston-Salem) - Shiloh (Germanton)
   303688 YV-421.1 Mount Pleasant (Winston-Salem) Mount Pleasant (Winston-Salem) - Shiloh (Germanton)
   302024 YV-422.1 West End (Thomasville) West End (Thomasville)
   304114 YV-425.1 New Home (East Bend) New Home - Shady Grove (East Bend)
   304158 YV-425.2 Shady Grove (East Bend) New Home - Shady Grove (East Bend)
   303121 YV-430.1 Blackwater (Ararat) New Hope (Blackwater, New Hope [Pilot Mountain], Stanford)
   303187 YV-430.2 New Hope (Pilot Mountain) New Hope (Blackwater, New Hope [Pilot Mountain], Stanford)
   303575 YV-430.3 Stanford (Siloam) New Hope (Blackwater, New Hope [Pilot Mountain], Stanford)
   303724 YV-435.1 New Hope (Winston-Salem) New Hope (Winston-Salem)
   301543 YV-440.1 New Mount Vernon (Winston-Salem) New Mount Vernon (Winston-Salem)
   288081 YV-443.1 New Story (NS) (Winston-Salem) New Story (NS) (Winston-Salem)
   301474 YV-445.1 New Union (Mocksville) New Union (Mocksville)
   301463 YV-455.1 Oak Forest (Winston-Salem) Oak Forest (Winston-Salem)
   300971 YV-460.1 Oak Grove (Mocksville) Oak Grove (Mocksville)
   303132 YV-465.1 Palmyra (Germanton) Palmyra (Germanton) - Stokesburg (Walnut Cove)
   304103 YV-465.2 Stokesburg (Walnut Cove) Palmyra (Germanton) - Stokesburg (Walnut Cove)
   304034 YV-470.1 Pilot View (Pilot Mountain) Pilot View (Pilot Mountain)
   303495 YV-475.1 Pine Grove (Kernersville) Pine Grove (Kernersville)
   303848 YV-480.1 Pine Grove (Winston Salem) Pine Grove (Winston Salem)
   301601 YV-485.2 Pine Woods (Thomasville) Pine Woods - Johnsontown (Thomasville)
   301997 YV-485.1 Johnsontown (Thomasville) Pine Woods - Johnsontown (Thomasville)
   968087 YV-490.1 Piney Grove (Advance) Piney Grove (Advance)
   303952 YV-495.1 Mount Zion (Pinnacle) Pinnacle - Mount Zion (Pinnacle)
   303883 YV-495.2 Pinnacle (Pinnacle) Pinnacle - Mount Zion (Pinnacle)
   303666 YV-500.1 Pisgah (Kernersville) Pisgah (Kernersville)
   301645 YV-505.1 Pleasant Grove (Thomasville) Pleasant Grove (Thomasville)
   304078 YV-510.1 Mount Pleasant (Boonville) Prospect - Mount Pleasant (Boonville)
   304091 YV-510.2 Prospect (East Bend) Prospect - Mount Pleasant (Boonville)
   303622 YV-515.2 Rockford Street (Mount Airy) Rockford Street - Mallalieu-Jones (Mount Airy)
   968180 YV-515.1 Mallalieu-Jones (Mount Airy) Rockford Street - Mallalieu-Jones (Mount Airy)
   968260 YV-520.2 St. Andrew's (Winston-Salem) Saints Home-St. Andrew's
   968271 YV-520.1 Saints Home (Winston-Salem) Saints Home-St. Andrew's
   303941 YV-525.2 Salem (Mount Airy) Salem (Mount Airy) - Epworth (Cana)
   303974 YV-525.1 Epworth (Cana) Salem (Mount Airy) - Epworth (Cana)
   303985 YV-535.1 Sedge Garden (Kernersville) Sedge Garden (Kernersville)
   301782 YV-540.1 Shady Grove (Winston-Salem) Shady Grove (Winston-Salem)
   301827 YV-550.1 Shiloh (Lexington) Shiloh (Lexington)
   304056 YV-553.2 Whitaker's Chapel (Pilot Mtn.) Shoals (Pinnacle) - Whitaker's Chapel (Pilot Mountain)
   304067 YV-553.1 Shoals (Pinnacle) Shoals (Pinnacle) - Whitaker's Chapel (Pilot Mountain)
   300526 YV-555.1 Smith Grove (Mocksville) Smith Grove (Mocksville)
   295918 YV-560.1 Snow Hill (Danbury) Snow Hill (Danbury)
   968566 YV-565.1 St. James (Rural Hall) St. James (Rural Hall)
   303358 YV-570.1 Germanton (Walnut Cove) St. Mark (Winston-Salem) - Germanton (Walnut Cove)
   303143 YV-570.2 St. Mark (Winston-Salem) St. Mark (Winston-Salem) - Germanton (Walnut Cove)
   968588 YV-575.1 St. Mary's (Walnut Cove) St. Mary's (Walnut Cove)
   966911 YV-580.1 St. Paul (Kernersville) St. Paul (Kernersville)
   968282 YV-585.1 St. Paul (Winston-Salem) St. Paul (Winston-Salem)
   304147 YV-590.2 St. Paul (Hamptonville) St. Paul (Hamptonville) - Mountain Grove
   288775 YV-590.1 Mountain Grove (Hamptonville) St. Paul (Hamptonville) - Mountain Grove
   303597 YV-595.1 Stony Knoll (Dobson) Stony Knoll (Dobson)
   303861 YV-600.1 Sunrise (Lewisville) Sunrise (Lewisville)
   303256 YV-605.1 Trinity (King) Trinity (King)
   304466 YV-615.1 Trinity (Winston-Salem) Trinity (Winston-Salem)
   301496 YV-617.1 Union Chapel (Mocksville) Union Chapel (Mocksville)
   304488 YV-625.1 Union Ridge (Winston-Salem) Union Ridge (Winston-Salem)
   303223 YV-630.1 Concord (Lewisville) Union-Concord
   303611 YV-630.2 Union (Lewisville) Union-Concord
   302002 YV-635.1 Unity (Thomasville) Unity (Thomasville)
   304251 YV-640.1 Wesley Memorial (Winston-Salem) Wesley Memorial (Winston-Salem)
   304216 YV-645.2 Elm Grove (Winston-Salem) West Forsyth (Doubs, Elm Grove, Pleasant Hill)
   304273 YV-645.1 Doubs (Pfafftown) West Forsyth (Doubs, Elm Grove, Pleasant Hill)
   304295 YV-645.3 Pleasant Hill (Pfafftown) West Forsyth (Doubs, Elm Grove, Pleasant Hill)
   968384 YV-650.1 Withers Chapel (Belews Creek) Withers Chapel (Belews Creek)
   301747 YV-655.1 Yadkin College (Lexington) Yadkin College (Lexington)
   304502 YV-660.1 Yadkinville (Yadkinville) Yadkinville (Yadkinville)

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